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Welcome to Mogossip- your best and ideal destination for fun, entertainment quizzes and endless gaming online!

At Mogossip, we pride ourselves on being more than just a simple trivia and gaming website; we offer a wide range of online trivia quizzes and games where the community steps into one destination that caters for their knowledge, challenges their skills and something to enjoy among them.

Aboard on the diverse journey of Mogossip, where you can engage yourself with a wide range of trivia contests, quizzes, online games, and the latest trending blogs from various genres. From brain-teasing challenges like muhavre and general knowledge quizzes to kribble competitions in music, Bollywood, Cricket Ka Gyan, Vocal For Local, and many other things to enjoy by everyone.

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Our mission of Mogossip is simple and clearly stated; is to provide quick entertainment that helps you unwind and destress from the hustle and bustle of the day. Mogossip is a proud subsidiary of NEXGEN PIXEL INC. (a multi-genre trivia, quiz, and game app dedicated to sharpening knowledge, improving learning, and providing endless entertainment to users worldwide.). Join us at Mogossip and Let's gossip, laugh, and play together at Mogossip – where Entertainment knows no bounds!

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