India and the Splurge of Apps

June 8, 2018 by Shivani Srivastava _@shivani72 moGossip articles

Just like in our PM’s speech, wherein we often hear “… …is happening for the very first time in India….”, we have this latest fad of announcing India’s first of its kind App…one of its kinds unique offering, business venture and so and so forth.

With Facebook, Youtube, WhatsApp, WeChat, Instagram becoming the bread and butter for many and being marketed well by the current breed of ‘marketers’, as the new mantra for all possible recognition and success; especially from the Indian context; we find a flood of  ‘Ápps’ in the Indian market, especially Social Media and networking, including Dating Entertainment and News Apps.

Recently in news; launch of the ‘hello’ app in India by Orkut Founder- Orkut Buyukkokten, had many a heads turn around; and there we see, every other day a media news, on launch of an app in India and primarily in the Social networking/news /media genre.  Not far behind is the trending news of WhatsApp rival ‘Kimbho’, launched by none other than mind behind the brand ‘Patanjali’, Baba Ramdev. Adding to the list are apps such as Hike, TokBiz, InBook etc. Another app being defined as India first social media app is Welike, which lets its users interface –interact with others on the basis of their interests, likes etc.

According to Siddharth Venkataraman, Director India Operations, “Welike aims to build an interest-based community and provide a platform for people to become famous. We aim to bring in people with similar interest to discuss, debate and share views and ideas to make our society more positive. He further added, ''Welike is the best suited for the youth of our country and it is the connector between a commoner and celebrities. The app is designed to promote hidden, viral and highly impactful content from the masses of our country''.

Likewise, apps such as Tinder, Trulymadly etc. are ranked amongst the top-dating app in the Indian market. Apps today seem to be the only way for a connect with end USER and to derive all business relevance.

What next in the world of Apps or rather what next after APP, is now important to, gossip on!

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