Sunita Rajwar sues Nawazuddin for defamation, demands compensation of 2

Sunita Rajwar sues Nawazuddin for

November 11, 2017 moGossip

Hell broke loose when Nawazuddin published his memoir An Ordinary Life and disclosed his too personal moments with the world in the book.

When Nawaz’s sweet nothings reached the ears of women concerned, they were simply infuriated with the way they were depicted in his story.

In Nawaz’s saga of struggle most of his women are shown to be Desperate, Money-minding, over-possessive, demanding, avaricious and greedy, essayed in a demeaning and debauched role.

Ladies!! Imagine the outcry you would give if you were once in a relationship with a man and he turns out a book about his life in which he dedicates you a chapter but writes not only depraved stuff about you but goes onto manipulate details of your relationship so that he can look like a hero and honest guy who was true to your relationship and the heaviest blame is laid onto you for being too possessive or over-bearing or a gold-digger who wants to date a fortune.

In reality men may have let down their women many times, played with their sentiments, foul-mouthed them behind their back but for charade they pitch themselves as the genuine guy on whom their fate cheated and the girl is labeled easy, hormonal, unstable and temperamental but still a nice girl in the end because it wasn’t her fault she just wanted to be with someone more successful or she just wanted more investment into the relationship.

A relationship concerns two people and is a private business. How tasteless it is to reveal those things in public in a hyperbolic style just to engage some readers who rack up their curiosity with cheap fluff.

Nawaz added fiction to facts and exaggerated the facts to look more glamorous and presented his case as if he was speaking out from the heart.

Niharika Singh raised objection to Nawaz “sheikh-chilli” like chronicle and clarified her side of the story. Taking her example Sunita Rajwar came out and after clearing the air on why they broke and what Nawaz was in real.  She sent him and co-author Rituparana a legal notice and wants unconditional apology for maligning her profile. Not only that Sunita claims that the book damaged her reputation and sabotaged her relationship with close ones. It caught her lot of hurt and strain. For the mental agony caused to her, she has demanded a whopping compensation of 2 khokha (crore).

More hot water for Nawaz now. Also contrary to his declaration his book is still in circulation.


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