Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda hai trailer breaks record. Achieved 6L plus hits in 2

Salman Khan’s Tiger Zinda hai trailer

November 10, 2017 moGossip

Sometime back in 2004, Neha Dhupia once commented that only Sex or SRK sell in Bollywood. It was a very witty and on-spot comment as SRK was the Bollywood king at that point of time and other Khans – Aamir and Salman were less popular Ministers. Our Film Industry also revolved around pre-defined ideations and genres and most of the furnished films had ballpark the same formula.  But now more than sex or SRK, Salman sells in Bollywood.

Few years down the lane we witnessed a mutation when Salman Bhai scored with his amazing screen riot – Wanted. His popularity shot up with the masses and sky-rocketed to insane levels, followed closely on the heels by contemporary and rival Khans – (SRK and Aamir)

The Bollywood mantra has morphed greatly from then to now. B’wood kingdom has evolved since then and we see all sorts of interesting, utopian, dystopian, apocalyptic, fictional, action and reality based content have contributed richer and diversified cinema to our industry.

Yet the ruler of masses, the most popular action hero remains sadda Bhaijaan Salman Khan. Salman rules , Salman slays, Salman excites and creates all kind of tremors amongst his die-hard, loyal to the last breathe fan.  Winning this kind of loyalty is commendable and no pint-sized thing as his fans show him unwavering support and never fickle over to other actors. They defend him, his movies and his vices relentlessly. It’s justified to exclaim that Salman just isn’t a public figure, he is a cause.

Only one name comes to my mind when I hear Tiger Zinda Hai and that is Salman Khan. This movie was the most speculated movie of 2017 and fans were hungry for a glimpse, snippet, news, song or any detail of the movie only for Salman. The trailer of the movie is out, released on 7th November and the trailer has surpassed the success of the most popular trailer of the year – Bahubali 2.

Tiger Zinda Hai, the sequel to “Ek tha Tiger” is another action-packed film that has all the essential components of a Salman Khan movie. Fights, Mission, Undercover Strategy, good vs bad and triumph of good over bad. 


Tiger Zinda Hai trailer earned 6,48,000 likes within 2 days of its release. A mammoth figure compared to the 5,41,000 likes of Bahubali trailer till date.

The atmosphere is setting up for another Salman crazed frenzy and Tiger zinda Hai can be another mega record breaker on many fronts. Also we all are eager to see the exciting chemistry between Katrina and Salman.


Max 150 Characters


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