5 Times Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Proved that she’s not Just a Pretty

5 Times Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Proved that

November 7, 2017 moGossip

Time passes so quickly. It seems that only yesterday Aish had won Miss World pageant 1994. She was 21 back then. It has been a long, exciting and multi-varied journey with its share of ups and downs, movies, drama and sensation for Ash since she stepped under the Miss World Crown. She made her debut with Tamil movie ‘Iruvar” and Bollywood debut in the same year with “Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya.”

Aishwarya’s beauty stunned the world and she won the title of most beautiful woman many times over. The fans and junta were mesmerized with her aesthetic appearances. Yet when it came to her acting skills Ash was a hot topic of mockery and ridicule. One after the other her movie would flop big time and people began labelling her as ”just a pretty face.” She was casted in movies just for her beautiful looks yet the critics would dismiss her acting.  It’s true Aishwarya’s acting mettle never outshone and made an everlasting impression on us.

But one can’t ignore her personality. She is exceptional and has made few movies which earned her acting a lot of praise. Especially in ADHM, her “shaiyratic adaayen” melted our hearts as she flipped and made a spectacular comeback. As Aishwariya Rai turns 44 this year we compile some amazing dialogues from her best movies.

  1. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Sau andheron mein bhi roshan ho, us haqeeqat ki talash hai ... teri dehleez pe chhod aaye, us mohabbat ki talash hai ... jhukne ki ibaadat ko toh samjhe jahaan walon ... katne pe joh haasil ho, us jannat ki talash hai

Rishton ki geeli zameen par log aksar phisal jaate hai

Kambhakt khayalon ne hi toh zinda rakha hai ... varna sawaalon ne kab ka maar diya hota

  1. Devdas

Tawaifon ki taqdeer mein shauhar nahin hote

  1. Mohabatein

Mohabat Bahut Khoobsurat Hoti hai toh kya hua agar who apne saath thoda dard laati hai.

  1. Jazba

Aaap ke kanunke lambe haath meri beti ke liye chote pad gaye…

Tujhe zara bhi andaza nahin ki ek maa par kya guzarti hai.. Tera case bhi ek MAA ladh rahi hai. Waqil nahin.. Samjha…


  1. Sarbjit

Na kar bandeya meri teri ... char dinan da phair hai duniya ... phir tu bhi mitti, main bhi mitti

Mashaal ek ho ya ek lakh, sirf ek chingaari ki zaroorat hai usse jalane ke liye

Ekoiy a bhai hai mera, badi minnaton ke baad mila hai

Max 150 Characters


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