Katrina irked by Aamir for giving extra mileage to Dangal

Katrina irked by Aamir for giving extra

October 25, 2017 moGossip

Fatima Sana Sheikh, the Dangal girl who played Geeta Phagot and won our hearts and appreciation with her roaring performance is seen sharing screen space with her co-star Aamir Khan for the second time in the movie “Thugs of Hindustan.”

This film also stars Amitabh Bachchan and Katrina Kaif alongside Aamir and Fatima. Katrina is seen in 2 songs out of 3 in the film and if MidDay reports are to be believed then Aamir said that Katrina does not have a very important role in the film. She is just there to jazz up the film and galvanize the screen.

According to sources Katrina is not talking this well. This piece of utterance has miffed Katrina and she is unhappy with Aamir for belittling her publicly. Katrina is an A-lister Bollywood actress and Fatima is just one film old. Naturally she expects a hierarchy to be maintained in terms of footage.

She was also upset with Aamir for giving Fatima the lead role in the film. Ostensively Aamir was amazed by Fatima’s acting skills and wanted her to be the leading lady of the flick. He also personally coached her during the filming and guided her along. According to crew it was evident that Aamir has a soft spot for Fatima.

Well we know Katrina is such a babydoll and looks sweet but her acting skills. Ahem ahem. The lesser said the better.

Aamir and Katrina have previously worked together in Dhoom 3 and this is the first time after an eon that the two diamonds of Hindi film Industry – Big B and Aamir Khan are venturing  together.

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