Arshi Khan’s unrequited seducing tricks bags no response from Hiten Tejwani.

Arshi Khan’s unrequited seducing tricks

October 24, 2017 moGossip

Speculations are rife about Arshi Khan- Hiten Tejwani angle. The duo are popular contestants of Big Boss 11 and are also dynamic personalities of small screen.

The flirtatious Arshi Khan is trying to seduce virtuous Hiten and coax him into adultery.  In the Raja Rani task Arshi was paired up with Hiten. In a bid to win the task she got close to Hiten and started giving him a massage. When Shilpa attempted to massage Hiten’s legs, Arshi went ahead and kissed him on his cheeks. She later exaggerated the facts and told everyone who would listen that she kissed Hiten.  

This mortified Hiten and he was left in a plight. Notwithstanding he avoided the matter and didn’t say anything about it. Now Dear Arshi, a lady must not kiss and tell.

This is not all. Arshi is unstoppable. Whenever she gets the chance she makes passes at Hiten in the Big Boss house. Arshi’s unrequited affection finds no reciprocation from Hiten’s end and he has made it clear with his gestures that he is least interested. Yet Arshi’s grit has surpassed Hiten’s reluctance. In another upcoming task she will be seen distracting Hiten in most provocative way by creating sexual ripples. She is rubbing ice on his neck and arms seductively.  Hiten much irritated by the exhibition asked her to stop.

Hiten is married to Gauri Pradhan and is blessed with two kids.  When contacted Gauri gave a calm and collected statement. “I think most of them are there to gain something, publicity, popularity or whatever. They are doing what they are supposed to do. No one takes it seriously. Hiten knows what he is doing. I am not bothered about it.”  Attagirl Gauri your nonchalance about the matter and faith in your husband is inspiring. We dig it.

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