More show less substance. Here’s why iPhone X may turn out to be a

More show less substance. Here’s why

October 23, 2017 moGossip

Every year the world waits in suspense for two things- the new season of GOT and the latest iPhone launch.

In an iPhone event earlier this month, ensuing much buzz and grapevine the iPhone X was finally unveiled for the world to admire. Lucky are the devils who witnessed the first-hand launch at Steve Jobs theatre, Apple Park, new Cupertino campus. To us lesser mortals who could not attend the event, its available to pre-order from October 27 onwards few days prior to it’s debut on Nov 3.

On the surface iPhone X(pronounced 10) is something to look at. Sleek stainless steel body encased in glassware featuring a ‘front to back’ glass design. Designers have forsaken the home button, with touch screen taking its place. It also boasts of Face Id recognition enabling users to Unlock the device with an eye contact, a first of its kind technology.

All specifications have been revamped making iPhone X an absolute exclusive product. Avant-grade A11 bionic chip (new), IOS 11 (new), 5.8 in super retina OLED display (new), wireless charging and headphones (new), 458 ppi (highest resolution till date) and an extraordinaire 12 megapixel TrueDepth camera with portrait modes and lighting, projecting augmented reality.

But here ends the exceptional outward virtues of this metallic beauty. In good sense iPhone X may flop and fail to entice buyers. Here’s why the iPhone X business may doom.

Essentially iPhone 8, 8 plus and iPhone X are similar in functionality and features with only slight upgradations. The sales of iPhone X is bound to clash with other newer iPhones.

Not intelligently priced. 1000 $ to 1149 $ for a phone? It can be major turn-off for most buyers. Not all of us are Arab Sheikhs who can afford to pay an exorbitant amount for over-fancy camera and chip.

The bevy that has always rooted for Android OS will not consider iPhone X over Samsung galaxy S8, Samsung galaxy Note 8 and OnePlus 5.

iPhone X is the 1st generation of a new line of Apple products and a 1st Generation product often brings on techno glitches and malfunction. It isn’t the best of ideas to buy a rookie product whose features are in a beta release phase.

The all-new iOS 11 will be out soon and we can enjoy the same in older iPhones (6, 6s, 6plus, 7, & 7 Plus). It barely makes sense to buy iPhone X for iOS 11.

iPhone X is debuting in only two variants – 64GB and 256 GB. Considering the number of pictures we click, videos we take, movies we download and apps we use, 64GB can fall short soon. And 256 GB is an overkill for regular use. We don’t need all the memory in the world.

With the launch of Note 8 previously this month Apple will face tough competition from its rival Samsung. Note 8 is offering almost everything that iPhone X is offering at better price and more flexibility.

Order today and get much later. Availability of iPhone X and it’s shipping is debatable and is based on fluke. Your order make take anything from few days to weeks to be delivered.

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