Contestant filed a complaint against Salman Bhaijaan

Contestant filed a complaint against Salman

October 14, 2017 by MoGossip moGossip articles

Salman khan the “bad boy of Bollywood” is in news again and the reason for this uproar is a small potato who goes by the name of Zubair khan.  He has filed a complaint against Bhaijaan for threatening him and intimidation.
Now Now Now Sallu is flagrant in his bad-to-the-bone personage. But who is this Zubair Khan?  He claims  to be a kin of Dawood Ibrahim, son-in-law of Don’s sister haseena parker to be exact. That’s not all this tyro has also allegedly produced ‘Haseena Parker’ a Shraddha Kapoor starrer flick that bombed at the box office. After a little probe it was easily discovered that all his claim-to-fame is nothing but a bunch of made-up stories. The real producers of Haseena Parker rubbished Zubair’s claim and it’s likely that he isn’t even distantly related to Dawood.


Salman and Zubair
Zubair was evicted in the first week and was the first contestant to be evicted from Big Boss 11. Ever since he joined the show he has been a riot of foul language, nasty fights and odious behavior. He cracked a gross joke on the very first day and got into an ugly fight with fellow contestant Sapna Chaudhary. 

He made people wince with his profanity and statements like ‘2 Rs woman’. Nobody wanted to socialize with this vulgar clown and he also induced Bhaijaan’s wrath.  As god is our witness, when Bhaijaan is angry he doesn’t spare easily.

On Saturday “Weekend ka Vaar” episode Sallu left no stone unturned to grind him and told him to stop spreading lies about his identity. Sallu further exclaimed “I will make a dog out of you” and I will see how you accelerate your career.

After this face off Zubair swallowed one too many pills and was taken to hospital. He left the show citing medical reasons but it was later announced that he is eliminated. 

But for a cipher, Zubair is bold and brazen. Next thing we know he filed an FIR against Sallu for threatening him and declared that the show is scripted and fake. He also alleged that Sallu is a puppet and a gold digger who does as he is told for some bucks. 

He blatantly declared that he is not Vivek Oberoi or Arijit Singh and he won’t apologize to Bhaijaan on bended knees. He said Salman Khan has threatened me and I left the show on my own.  “I am fearless and believe in hard work and almighty.” But we all know Sallu can make or break a career. This panga with Sallu is not the best call. Afterall “Panni mei Reh kar magarmach se dushmani nahi karte.”

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