IT Raids: I’m Not A Criminal, So Not Scared Of The Consequences, Says Taapsee

By moGossip Team Mar 8, 2021  


Taapsee Pannu is aware of the price a public figure has to pay. But she and the family didn’t expect Income Tax department to raid her houses.

“When they visited me, I was told my other residences in Delhi and Mumbai are also being searched simultaneously. I was informed. I don’t think I expected that it will happen to me, my family especially. It was very out of the blue for them. They didn’t see it coming at all. They were more perturbed,” Taapsee told The Reporters.

“Last couple of years or months have made me aware that anything can happen. This is the cost you pay for being a public figure, and I am perfectly okay with it because when you have not really done anything wrong, I don’t know what or why should I fear? If there a human error, I will pay up for it or whatever I am supposed to do. But I am not a criminal. I have not done anything illegally. So, I am not scared of the consequences,” the Bollywood actress put up a bold front.

Taapsee had to go through a brainstorming to understand why the income tax raids took place. Describing IT department officials as “thorough professionals”, Taapsee said the process went on “very calmly” for two-three days.

Slamming a section of media which claimed that the actress had received Rs 5 crore in cash, Taapsee said: “I want to know where are these Rs 5 crore? I have not been offered that amount for anything in my life so far. I will frame the receipt for myself.”

Taapsee had earlier put out a series of tweets expressing her anger over the raid.

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