International Women’s Day: Nita Ambani Launches ‘Her Circle’

By moGossip Team Mar 8, 2021  


To commemorate the occasion of International Women’s Day, Reliance Foundation chairperson Nita Ambani launched a digital platform — ‘Her Circle’.

The platform will be women’s digital collective, complete with its own social networking platform as well as a goal fulfillment community that will cater to “rapidly rising aspirations, ambitions, dreams and competencies of women of all social backgrounds,” Reliance Foundation said via a press statement as reported by Mint.

Her Circle registration is free. It has been initially started in English, but will subsequently be expanded in other languages.

“When women lean on women, incredible things happen! I should know. All my life I have been surrounded by strong women from whom I have learnt compassion, resilience, and positivity; and in return I have strived to pass on my learnings to others.

“With the Digital Revolution enabling round the clock global networking and collaboration, Her Circle welcomes ideas and initiatives of women from all cultures, communities and countries. We make sisterhood and equality our touchpoints on this platform,” Ambani said via a statement.

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