Protesting Farmers Get Crash Course On How To Use Social Media

By moGossip Team Feb 22, 2021  


Farmers protesting at the Ghazipur border site are getting a crash course on social media. A group of students, affiliated to the All India Students’ Federation (AISF), is conducting workshops with farmers on how to use social media as part of their protest. The lessons include how to open an account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

After creating an account, farmers are shown how to like or retweet a post, how to participate in a trending topic on the site and how to use hashtags. According to the students, several protesters had been showing interest and were keen to learn how to participate in social media. They are conducting the tutorials every afternoon, near the main stage.

“We have heard that a lot of people say negative things about us on the site. Many of us want to join so we can also gather and respond with our truth,” 28-year-old farmer from UP Sant Kumar was quoted as saying.

Farmers from across different age groups are attending the sessions.

“There are people who have smartphones but don’t know how to use social media. Or young people who have Facebook accounts, and were familiar with just TikTok… We are also telling them that the discussions online should take place in a constitutional manner,” informed a student.

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