Odisha Doctor Cheated Of ₹ 77 Lakh By Cyber Fraudsters

By moGossip Team Feb 19, 2021  

By @moGossip.com

A city-based doctor has been cheated of over ₹ 77 lakh from his bank accounts by cyber fraudsters, police said. A person called the doctor over the phone and told him to provide his bank details, including the CVV number of his ATM card on the pretext to activate his ATM card which has been blocked, the police said.

The state Crime Branch police have started an investigation into the cyber fraud case in which over ₹ 77 lakh went missing from the bank accounts of the doctor, they said.

"We have taken up this case along with another case involving an insurance fraud in which an Ayurvedic doctor was cheated of ₹ 52 lakh and have started investigations into both the cases simultaneously", said ADGP crime branch Soumendra Priyadarshi.

While Dr Sanatan Mohanty of the city has complained that ₹ 77,86,727 have been fraudulently transacted from his two bank accounts between February 9 to 15, the Ayurvedic doctor has complained that a private insurance company has cheated him of ₹ 55 lakh, which he had deposited with the company as premiums on two occasions way back in 2015, police said.

The Ayurvedic doctor was lured by a fake insurance company located outside the country to deposit the premiums promising that the money would be doubled in five years. The doctor came to know that no such insurance company exists when he tried to redeem the policies after the maturity date, the police said.


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