Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Priyanka gets emotional on his birth anniversary

By moGossip Team Jan 21, 2021  


Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister Priyanka Singh poured her heart out in an emotional Instagram post on his birth anniversary. She shared a video montage of their precious memories, which included many childhood photos.

Calling Sushant her ‘pride’ and ‘alter ego’, Priyanka wrote, “From this day when you were born, we not only prospered as siblings but evolved to become best friends, dedicated companions; twins if you will, in our depositions; exploring life and it’s meaning, as fate would have it, we almost existed in perfect quantum entanglement.”

“In the past, whenever you left, you came back again and again; This time when you departed… you came back so strong that you dwell in each and every breath of mine; your deep, profound eyes, and benign innocent smile are my constant companion, so much so that your presence has become the background of my very thought process!!!” she added.

Priyanka made a heart-wrenching appeal to Sushant - to respond to her, even scold her, if he must. She said that his silence is ‘too loud to bear’.

“But somehow I can’t hear you back... I pray, I entreat, Please, please, please respond, react, tease, scream at me if you must, B’coz the eventuality of your silence is too loud to bear, The thought that I may never see you in flesh and blood, is too savage a fear! Just tell me where to meet you, as you told me time and again, b’ coz there’s so much to tell you I can hardly refrain;I know it all sounds stupid, Alas, my Shona, this stupidity is my only hope defining my very existence now,” she wrote.

Priyanka signed off ‘in total desperation’ as ‘Sona di’, the name Sushant affectionately addressed her by. She also called him her ‘sunshine’ and wished him a happy birthday.

Siddhartha Tanwar, Priyanka’s husband, also shared a precious memory of Sushant. Sharing a picture of the two of them from a jamming session, he wrote on Instagram, “...While my guitar gently weeps!!! miss you brother. Happy birthday Sunshine #sushantsinghrajput #sushantday.”

Sushant died on June 14. The Mumbai Police initially ruled it as a suicide but the case has since been transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The Enforcement Directorate (ED) and Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) are conducting parallel investigations into the money laundering and drugs angles, respectively.

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