Slugfest on #KanganaRanaut statements and stance ….seems unstoppable.

By moGossip Team Sep 17, 2020  


Is it Right to justify Ten Wrongs, To Establish One right!

The one and only one #KanganaRanaut, who dared to speak and press the alarm bell on the Bollywood muck is today being ridiculed by the high and mighty, so much so, that currently #shutupkangana is trending on twitter because of her apparently unmindful statements on Urmila Matondkar.

Often when one takes a stand that brings many facts out of the closet, many a times unmindful comments may happen as may be the case with Kangana Ranaut too, however, it is not to say, that its pardonable. However, it needs to be realized and acknowledged as to how many of us can take such stand against all odds, especially in today's times. It surely, takes some kind of divine power to layout all in the open, including about one's own life and put all at stake on a subject which is of no direct consequence to oneself.

It's a irony of sorts when profiles like the ‘much admired’ Jaya Bachchan gives a statement in Rajya Sabha, herein quotes: "People in the entertainment industry are being flogged by social media. People who made their names in the industry have called it a gutter. I completely disagree. I hope that the government tells such people not to use this kind of language.

and this comes after Actor and MP Ravi Kishen asks the Government to address the menace of drugs that has crippled the Indian Film Industry.

A slugfest of sorts on #KanganaRanaut’s statements in media...have kinda of begun- not to forget- credit goes to Kangana, who brought all out into the open …with #SushantSinghDeath being given a name of ‘suicide’.. along with #DishaSalian’s and the list is unending… .#JiaKhan.. # DivyaBharthi….

No one fights and brings things to the fore, the way the fiery Queen –National Award Winner Kangana has done and is still doing on an issue which has no direct bearing to her but she still came out and spoke… instead of appreciating and applauding … she is being trolled and ridiculed … ways of saying ‘thanku’ to someone who is not being selfish and self centered and following diplomatic path… rather fighting for the truth.. no denying that politics for sure is now come into play from both ends and yes at times #teamkangna, does cross lines and ends up on the wrong side, reflecting arrogance. Also probably somewhere the focus seems shifting to #KanganaRanaut from bringing justice to #SSRDeath.

Jeopardizing all, #KanganaRanaut continues giving befitting response to one and all…. such as when she says: ...that her success is her own... to Jaya Bachchan’s statement that by criticizing the film industry she was biting the hand that feeds.

Jaya Bachcan’s statement ….is like … “Its Right to justify Ten Wrongs, To Establish One right” !

Many celebrities, henceforth have come out and given their comments from either side, however one who has walked the path and not shied away from showing mirror to the high and mighty is Ranvir Shorey … tweeting...

In the midst of all the so called celebrities, if at all they are, there are many from the ‘çommon man’ league, who have also tweeted and given the reactions… and that clearly endorses #Kangana’s stance and fight.

#Year2020, which has turned the entire world upside down … and shown the mirror; it's time for people, especially in India to reflect. High-time we stop idolizing the kind of people we idolize, especially the madness and craziness for the ones who get into limelight, earn money and power; be it from the world of entertainment or from corporate, politics and other sectors. They walk to glory and mint money –how all that happens is now all out in the open…..other than the fact that this ‘common man’ middle class .. ‘tax payer is the locus of all revenue models …. still sermons and all rules and regulations are for this segment !

Case in point once again Madam Mrs. Jaya Bachchan, who is respected and admired however nowadays whenever she opens her mouth, it seems like oh what's wrong……..why is she always so much frustrated and in anger... some days it's like shouting on the camera people- guys who struggle to click pictures or the fans, who out of sheer admiration want to click a pic but receive her anger or sermons on how to behave….not to forget the dressing down to camera people on addressing Aishwarya as Ash... as if people are at her service … whose given them so much attention and power and success ..… time to reflect !  

Statements by the so-called celebrities and stars.. such as … we need privacy…. and why our life is subject to public discourse… after all, we are also human beings….is essentially, all about- please click …like our social media updates - PR interviews for movies releases and make our movies hit … or when in hospitals pray for us or stand with us in our protest …. or when we stand for elections …. but other than this .. we do not need you…stay away ! …Also we will speak when we have to or else we will either move out of the country or keep a neutral stance… and we are always on the right side …. If any one dares to bring things out from the closet…. ah…we’ll ensure that its ‘the end of the road’, for the person…. mind you it's not just films and media. It’s across sectors!

#KanganaRanaut is undoubtedly worthy of all praise and admiration… we need many Kangana’s across sectors… minus the crossing of the line or the unguarded statements, she utters in the flow of the emotion to stand for righteousness and the attitude and arrogance @Teamkangana displays- its completely uncalled for!

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