Sushant Singh Rajput’s Death and the unending Gossip and now Dil Bechara witnessing 95 million views in 24 hours with an estimated box office earnings of Rs 2000 crore on the opening day.

By moGossip Team Jul 29, 2020  


Its now more than a month, but the talks and gossip on Sushant Singh Rajput, sudden death seems to have no end. Its looks like that the promising star of Indian Film Industry-Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has made all skeletons come out of the closet as far as Bollywood and Hindi Film industry is concerned. 

With different theories and news coming out in the media or should one say being leaked into the media on Sushant Sigh Rajput’s sudden demise and with his close associates and friends coming into the net of suspicion including Rhea Chakraborty, who was supposedly staying with him and left only a few days before his suicide has now a FIR against her by Sushant’s father with allegations that Rhea Chakraborty pushed to the actor into committing suicide. 

However, there are many pointers directing towards actor being murdered and it comes across as a very strong nexus between outside and in-house –known people, that has led to his killing. Social media posts such as Truth WINS by Ankita Lokhande after FIR on Rhea Chakrabory or the dozens of media debates and You Tube interviews being devoted to the reasons of his demise, not to miss the paranormal experts and lawyers too, coming out with their theories- all this finally makes it very clear that its not what is being portrayed and messaged- all has been made utterly confusing, in all probability by design.

Sushant was living in a duplex flat with three bedrooms located in Joggers Park, Bandra West with four people. The first was his cook, whose name was Neeraj Singh who was staying with them since 11 May 2019. The second person who was staying with him was also his cook, whose name was Keshav Bachner - living with them for almost 2 years. Other than these two, there was a person named Deepesh Sawant who was living in Sushant’s house and handle house keeping and other work. Art designer Siddharth Ramanathamurthy Pithani was also staying with Sushant. What was initially stated is that when Sushant did not answer after knocking on the door for long, his door was broken. The door was broken around 12.30 pm after which his body was taken to the hospital.

While the world is going mad with all versions on SSR’s demise, that is from being forced to commit suicide to murder and umpteen reasons being floated from depression theory to industry aloofness and groupism to money being a key reason for his murder; India and Sushant's fan get to see his last one Dil Bechara free on OTT platform Disney+ Hotstar. Apart from India, also made available for all users in the USA, UK and Canada.

The movie goes on to make a history in terms of viewership and box office revenue that of 95 million views in 24 hours and an estimated box office earnings of Rs 2000 crore on the opening day, establishes Sushant Singh Rajput as a STAR like none another! 

We hope and pray that justice happens to SSR and may TRUTH WIN!

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