Admitted –Transgender Story that is inspiring many and garnering all the love and adulation.

By moGossip Team Jul 6, 2020  

By Shivani Srivastava | Twitter handle - @Shivani72

In today's, time when everything is all about what sells; yet you come across movies, short films, serials by production houses that are no way a match to the biggies who control the market - but in terms of work, are surely class apart and make a statement with their work. It indeed demands to be written about and #gossiped too! 

Mere Dad ki Dulhan serial on Television or say the Red Frock or Exchange Offer by Pocket Films or Ummeed - The Hope -an Award Winning Hindi Short Film by Six Sigma Films or the recently released Butter Toast, Rooh… the documentary drama ‘Admitted’ by Pinaka Media Works, possibly the only made-in-India feature documentary on a Transgender's life, released during International Pride Month June 2020 – are outstanding and worthy of all recognition! 

As a viewer –as an audience, very heartening to come to terms that all is still not lost, to the diktats of few!

Click the link to watch the documentary drama...and reviews.

Important to draw attention on “Admitted”- the biographical documentary that has been receiving rave reviews across social media platforms and national and international dailies, not to miss the awards and accolades that the biographical documentary has been receiving– all this assuredly gives the hope that good and worthy work, still has a window to make its mark and reach an audience - that still vies for clean, quality, class and sensible stuff through the medium of entertainment -– short movies, movies …serials  etc.  

Much thanks to platforms like YouTube which have given such creative excellence -a pathway to reach out to the audience, who is yet not willingly or unwillingly hooked on to OTT channels of the likes of Netflix, Disney- Hotstar or Amazon Prime Video etc. and neither has the purse for their premium offerings.  India still has 60-65% of the market, which is far off from these platforms and that is where it becomes quite understandable why TV still holds a reach like no other medium, even in the trying times of COVID-19 pandemic. …the extended lockdown, if the recently released BARC data or other surveys are considered.

Encouraging, to see how a documentary, unique in terms of the subject- – life of a Transgender and her struggles - the treatment and approach is being hailed by the viewer as a ‘masterpiece’….  if the social media reactions - reviews are any thing to go by.

The love and adulation for Mx. Dhananjay Chauhan, and her arduous journey -the thrust on education along with gender identification, dilemmas and expression in personal life; aesthetically put on screen by way of “Admitted” is awe inspiring and heart wrenching, too.  

When asked as to what comes to her mind, as she gets such an amazing support and reactions to her journey, Dhananjay says, “its been very satisfying as many from the Transgender –LGBTQ community who felt like miserable and wanted to end their life, are now all motivated and inspired to go for studies and live a respectable life, other than the positive impact on the viewers in generic.” 

She further adds, “The objective of making the movie is well achieved. The awareness the film has brought in the people's mind, the reactions coming on how the film has helped in changing the outlook -is very welcoming.” 

Admitted has also been applauded for the sensitivity with which it has been filmed and edited and the young Director Ojaswwee Sharma, is in for all praises, from one and all.  The remarkable thought to take up the story and then to visualize it so far - to have it presented as a self-narration by Dhananjay, the real protagonist itself – becoming the reel one too, is worth all recognition, being received by him.  

When asked, as to what as a step ahead, he looks forward too, with so much love and admiration coming his way…from all across- the global community, the audiences – film buffs and last but not the least -people from film fraternity itself Ojaswwee Sharma says,  “It feels like the infinite loop. The journey still continues, as it comes written in the end of the film. This is just the beginning. One of my immediate future projects that I’ll be working on this year has a strong transgender inclusion into the mainstream storyline. Even in future formats of storytelling, as there are equal roles given to both women and men in each story, the offerings would gradually be expanded to all forms of gender in the process.” 

“I am happy how people have accepted Admitted, and have understood the prevailing situation point blank. The film is a selective watch, and mainstreaming the film would take its time. The word of mouth has been overwhelming,” added Ojaswwee. 

Shivani Srivastava | Twitter handle - @Shivani72

The Author is Consultant - Marketing, PR & Corp Communication with MoMAGIC Technologies, leading Data Science driven AdTech and IOT firm based out of India. She is the Chief Communication Advisor to Vihara Foundation and author of Musings of the Lost Heart that has received heartwarming reviews on Amazon. She has set up the news and gossip platform and dabbles in theatre and writing as well.
Shivani is a B.Com Hons. from Banaras Hindu University and PGDBM from IFIM Bangalore, and carries more than two decades of experience and that includes, close to a decade at NASSCOM and brief stints with CareerNet Technologies, Indo-German Trade Development Consultancy, Rangashree Communications, Vishwaniketan, HNF etc.