90's famous Dance reality show Boogie Woogie team Reunited For ReUnion With RJ Anmol.

By moGossip Team Jun 27, 2020  

By Editor_@moGossipApp

Reunions are always special. After bringing the cast of B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat together for the first episode of 'ReUnion with RJ Anmol', the popular radio jockey evoked nostalgia by reuniting the original team of the much-loved and cult dance reality show Boogie Woogie, for his digital talk show's second episode.
While it was first ever reunion of Mahabharat, this is also for the first time that Boogie Woogie team will be seen together for a chat show.
Boogie Woogie, which came out first in 1996, set a high precedent for reality television content in India right from the start. As a platform which ran for several seasons, it was a unifier for talent from across the nooks and corners of the country, and enabled people from different age groups live up their passion for dance.

The audience's strong relatability with the Boogie Woogie brand made its team's reunion a perfect idea for RJ Anmol to explore for his show.
He brought anchor Kadambari, Raju Singh who created its popular title track, producer Ravi Behl who backed the show along with Naved Jaffrey, and Javed Jaffrey, who was one of the judges on the show, together for the special episode.
Says RJ Anmol, “As a Kid, While watching Boogie Woogie- I used to Punch & say Boo With Naved Javed & Ravi and here I was Doing the same with them during the ReUnion...They are a Crazy Bunch & I laughed liked- I was Watching an Episode...Its my Pleasure that I can Bring this special ReUnion for Fans of the Show.”

The fun-filled and entertaining conversation saw the team make some revelations. Apparently, the name of the show came from the 1970s' song Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes. And did you know that choreographer Dharmesh Yelande had first made his appearance on Boogie Woogie as a teenage dancer?
To find out more, tune in to ReUnion With RJ Anmol when it goes live ‪at 7 PM this Saturday.


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