“Admitted”, award winning docu-drama on TRANSGENDER Education Rights, relesases today, 13th June 2020; a film to reflect upon!

By moGossip Team Jun 13, 2020  

By Editor_@moGossipApp

Admitted, a biographical docudrama on the controversial yet inspiring life journey of Mx. Dhananjay Chauhan, that has received much critical acclaim and awards,  releases, today - 13th June 2020 - the month of ongoing International Pride.  

The 1 hour 58 minute film, directed by Ojaswwee Sharma, and produced by Pinaka Mediaworks, is a docudrama, narrated by Dhananjay Chauhan herself. Based on her life journey; films thrust on education along with gender identification, dilemmas and sea of emotions that sway in her personal life and finally the recognition as the 1st Transgender student of Punjab University, Chandigarh, India, is probaby one of its kind attempt, to be applauded for its sheer thoughtfulness!

The audiences can watch the film on Rolling Frames Entertainment website, YouTube and Veblr video streaming platform, absolutely Free-Of-Cost.

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Ojaswwee Sharma, Director of Admitted, on the occasion of the release of the film said, "The objective to make the film available free of cost, is to make the film accessible to the transgender community, who are largely economically affected and majorly underprivileged. It is also for access to the students, researchers, and academicians from various fields and the general public, so that they may be able to watch the film without any load on their pockets. The film is for anyone who would like to understand the life journey of a transgender (transwoman is this case), who rose above the taboos of society and chose a mainstream public university to bring a change in the lives and livelihood of transgender community, carving a path for the future generations."

Officially, supported by the Canadian High Commission in India,  Admitted has been screened at the American Centre, New Delhi on the eve of International Transgender Day of Visibility 2019. Admitted features eminent personalities of Chandigarh City, who testify Dhananjay’s journey on pursuit of transgender rights and education.  

Admitted, themed on the challenges of Mx. Dhanajay Chauhan -Transgender Education in a mainstream public university & life in general - how Punjab University went on to become the example of Transgender Education in a mainstream public university of North India, the 1st public washroom for transgender in a public University. Developments for Transgender Rights, Education and acceptance to mainstream pre and post the historic NALSA Judgment of 2014 of adding 3rd Gender to a Nation, is a film to reflect upon! 

Socio-norms, that need attention-introspection at every individual level. A #hake gossip, indeed but undeniably relevant, to be introspected, with all consciousness!


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