Being Unconventional !!

By moGossip Team Mar 31, 2020  

By Aaryan Banthia, Indian Singer-Guitarist, Composer & Record producer _Youtube - @Aaryan

It is scientifically backed up that Music can stimulate brain function to help the body heal and to live a happy and fulfilling life. 

 If music is your passion, your heart and soul dwells there, and you want to work in this industry without knowing your way to the top of an already crowded field, be unconventional. 


Currently, people are more focused on joining the rat-race to become a Bollywood singer than building a career base for them. For all the artists and musicians who want to be in the music industry, keep your basics in place first. 

It all originates with the music, so you have to make sure that your music is unconditionally remarkable. Get feedback, polish the sound, basically, step out of your comfort zone and be creative and innovative. Music knows no boundaries, the more you explore and experiment, the more there is to it. Your music does not need to be a mainstream smash, but something that is unprecedented and original to catch a lot of attention. People are gravitating towards remixes and lack creativity, nobody is amenable to venture or anticipate things to click.

I think that Independent music at this time is thriving. It has produced a lot of raw talent in the industry. Music lovers are appreciating anything that is significant, can be of a filmy or non-filmy genre. Through independent musicians, we get to hear diverse genres/songs, hence the music industry doesn’t seem very monotonous. Most noteworthy, it is important to identify your niche and go after it. This may take time but this is the next big market to watch out for. 

Concentrate on producing quality content, the audience is very receptive to it. As I said the music industry is progressing really well, being unconventional is the key to success.

Aaryan Banthia, Indian Singer-Guitarist, Composer & Record producer _Youtube - @Aaryan

Aaryan Banthia is an Indian singer-guitarist, composer and record producer. Currently based in Mumbai and tied up with the Zee Music Company for his latest releases. He released his first single "Yaadein'" in October 2019.