Gossip on “layered journalism”- Is it the new face of #journalism

Jun 17, 2019, 3:24 pm, by: Editor_@moGossipApp

We are witnessing an undemocratic model of professional journalism for many decades. Often we get to see that media has rejected the primary ethics of journalism which is representing the citizens. Rather, the mainstream media is tending towards advertising and subscriptions. That is why media is being constantly manipulated by the powers. To end this situation, Prof. Lewis Friedland has proposed a new model of journalism called “layered journalism”. According to Prof. Friedland, online newspapers characterized by “layered journalism” can perfectly replace the traditional newspapers.

In this model of journalism, there will be several layers of newsroom staffs including editors and journalists. Also, there will be people who will act like producers so that they can reach the common people and encourage them to be a citizen journalist. A citizen journalist must be paid enough and they should be trained to remain impartial and fair. Friedland is hopeful that layered journalism would be able to combine professional journalism and citizen journalism. If it happens then surely the consequence can open a new horizon for the media world. If common citizens can have the chance of getting involved directly in the news making, then manipulations and bias interpretations can be eliminated from the news. Layered journalism has many possibilities but will it be really able to increase the democratic standards for media.

Prof. Lewis Friedland’s model of layered journalism has some shortcomings and fallacies also. We can see, in the layered journalism model, the payment procedure of professional and citizen journalists is not clear. In this model, an online newspaper will not be able to present a uniform writing style as there are many different layers of writers. If it is not implemented rightly then the online newspapers will not be able to question the ones who are in power. If layered journalism hits our future with all its shortcomings, then it is not that hard for us to assume that it will bring a new corruption. But if we can keep aside these shortcomings, then together the professional journalists and the citizen journalist can bring a serious change in the media worldwide.