Decaying Humanity! Merciless killing of 2.5-year-old Twinkle from Aligarh over Rs. 10,000: where is the Indian society leading itself into?

By moGossip Team Jun 10, 2019  

By Editor_@moGossipApp

After the Kathua and Bandipora case, here comes another horrifying story of the decaying humanity of modern times. Two and a half years old toddler Twinkle Sharma from Tappal, Aligarh has been tortured for 8 hours before being murdered rutally by her very own neighbours, Zahid and Aslam, who lived about half a kilometre away from their house over a debt of 10,000 rupees which her parents failed to repay. According to sources, her maggot-infested, decomposed body was discovered from a nearby dumpster which had been dragged out by street dogs who were ravishing it.

According to the police, it is a pure case of revenge crime. The postmortem report declared that although she has been strangled and beaten up brutally for long the possibilities of rape as well as mutilation have been ruled out. Her father has been approaching the police since 30th May when she went out to play and didn’t come back. The police force has not been trying their best to rub off the case and evaded registering a written complaint. The body has been wrapped in Zahid’s wife’s cloth and dumped in garbage which is about 100 meters from their house. The police are suspecting that Zahid’s family members- mother, brother and sister knew about it because the body has been decomposing in their backyard only. The police have already formed a search party who is on the lookout for them since they have fled after the main accused, being arrested.

With a view to seeking justice for the child, a candlelight march was organized in Aligarh demanding capital punishment for the accused. Communal tension has already seen to arise regarding the case where the victim’s mother only claimed for revenge. Other than that, Twinkle’s death is being compared to Asifa Bano from Kathua and claiming that the onus is on the Hindus to remain secular. Aligarh, SSP Akshay Kulhari has declared that the case shall be taken to fast track court and that they are proceeding with it as an NSA case. In fact, the local bar association has also decided that no advocate (not even from outside) will be representing the accused.

It is unknown yet whether this particular case and its consequences will bring about any consciousness in Indian society or give out an open call to the growing inhumanity of the predators. We remain in doubt yet if this matter will give rise to communal tendencies again between people. However, in the face of the recent brutalities against children, it is high time that the Indian government issues stricter laws.