Just as the world celebrates Pride month (June); Gay couple assaulted and robbed in London bus; 4 teenagers arrested

By moGossip Team Jun 10, 2019  

By Editor_@moGossipApp

In the 21st century where gender equality, as well as freedom of speech, should be a normal act, something horrendous has taken place on 30th May in London. A lesbian couple was viciously beaten up and harassed by four teenagers who apparently demanded them to kiss.

As one of the victims, Melania Geymonat described that she was on a date with her partner Chris and while returning home in a bus, they must have kissed when suddenly four men started teasing them, asking to repeat it in front of them. Not only this, they were calling them “lesbians”, describing several sexual positions by harassing them and even throwing coins. In an attempt to lighten the situation, Melania attempted making jokes and her partner even pretended to be sick so that they leave them alone but all in vain. The situation got out of control where Chris was trying to fight the four men in the middle of the bus but instead got severely beaten up. Her face started bleeding and as soon as her partner went to defend her, she got punched in the nose after which she became unconscious. Suddenly the bus came to a halt and the police came to the scenario. To their utter dismay, not only were they assaulted, but they were also robbed.

Later, in order to spread awareness as well as narrate the horrifying incident to people, Geymonat posted a picture of themselves, all smeared in blood, on Facebook. Being a gay woman, she informed that it was not the first time she has been violated but never did it go as extreme as this one. The accused, aged between 15 to 18 have been arrested as per the Metropolitan Police. Detective Superintendent Andy Cox assured that they would be questioned relentlessly and there will be a severe punishment for this “disgusting” assault. Not only this, the city mayor, Sadiq Khan also addressed it as a disgusting and a misogynistic act and said that such hate crimes would not be tolerated against the LGBTQ community. Geymonat has informed that she hopes in the Pride month (June), such issues will be addressed and talked about openly.