Celebratory Post by a Mother for her son scoring 60% in 10th CBSE in the midst of all news and attention to Toppers, make heads turn and is an important message for society!

May 13, 2019, 5:00 pm, by: Editor_@moGossipApp

As the results of CBSE and ICSE boards are getting published, toppers are given more and more attention from the media. While this is happening and the highest rankers are on the limelight, a certain Facebook post by a mother has managed to capture the attention of the public. The post has actually gone viral and created a positive vibe among the public. After the 10th CBSE results, Vandana Sufia Katoch, mother of a candidate of this year, had posted on Facebook that she is very proud of her son for scoring 60% marks in the board exams.

Shocking enough? It doesn’t matter to her that her son, Aamer, hadn’t scored a 90% but she had acknowledged his efforts in the last one and a half months even when he had decided to give up on certain subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Hindi. The student had been suffering from teen depression and found it very hard to concentrate. Not only this, but Vandana had also asked her son to keep his innate goodness and wicked sense of humour alive always. Her post has gone viral and gained huge attention within a time span of just two days, for the right reasons. With more than 2000 shares, over 10000 likes and huge positive responses, Vandana has been tagged as the “Great” mother. The post is indeed heartwarming where the mother is realizing that her son’s future is not tied within the margins of the 10th board report card.

In this rat race, it is very important for all parents to understand the true potential of their kids and not pressurize them with grades. This indeed breeds a hostile sense of competition among kids which does no good in the long run. Vandana, through her post, not only celebrated her son’s score but also had sent out a very important message to the society regarding the recent education system and its repercussions on the students. It is upon every individual’s capacity how much effort they can put and how much they can score but taking a positive approach towards it will encourage them for the future.