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The message is not to give air to (in)tolerance but to supplicate and at the same exhorting one to contemplate and introspect in sangfroid and make out the difference between tendering help and giving a solution ..... with government on one hand and Society on the other.


Well not to dwell with the above question but to raise rationality about the right doing & naked truth and as to so called customarily morality as a citizen rather than being an astute political person.

The message is about the continuous and incessant onslaughts and blitzes on the citizen(s) of India and on India. .... Well many will say what's the difference between Indian citizen and India; as citizens are the integral part of a country.

Ahhh... As you go through the present essay you will certainly make out what the message is all about.

As we grow old, being part of a great nation India - which reminds and announced as unity in diversity is bedeviling by militancy and terrorism; complemented by religious riots from decades.

As the essay is about the experiences of growing up, I reckon the epoch from 90's, starting with Rudrapur Bombings - where the first bomb exploded when civilians (Indian citizens) were watching Ramlila in the public ground. Then the incident of vandalizing the monument (of national and religious importance) occurred which turned violent. Then in the aftermath of demolition, a series of bombs (12 bombs) explosions took place in the core of city taking lives of many civilians (Indian). After that Palar blast - organised by the forest brigand Veerappan, who afterwards was killed by the STF; followed by the Brahmaputra Mail (train bombing), wherein around 30 civilians lost their lives. Then in 1998 Coimbatore bombings.

Then came December 2000, and a terrorist attack took place on Red Fort (New Delhi) where 2 soldiers and a civilian were killed and the said incident was described in media as an attempt to derail the India-Pakistan peace talks. Followed by the terrorist attacks on legislative assembly (J&K) and on Parliament of India in 2001.

Then Rafigang Train wreck (2002) - a Naxalite (Maoist terrorist group) attack, followed by the terrorist attack in 2003 Mumbai Bombing and 2005 Delhi Bombing - three explosions, just two days before the festival.

Subsequently, in 2006 Varanasi bombings - in temple and railway station. In the same year a series of seven train bomb blasts took place over a period of 11 minutes during the evening rush hours in Mumbai (Mumbai train bombings - 2006). Then a series of bomb blasts in the vicinity of a mosque in Malegaon, Maharashtra. After this, Mecca Masjid bombing, Hyderabad bombings (Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat), Ajmer Dargah bombing was witnessed.

A terror attack on CRPF camp in Rampur (U.P.) by militants (terrorist group) in 2008 followed by blasts in Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Maharashtra, Agratala, Imphal, Assam and then came the 2008 - Mumbai Attacks - at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident, the Taj Palace and Tower, Leopold Cafe, Cama Hospital, the Nariman House, the Metro Cinema and St. Xavier's College.

In between Indian underwent many Naxalite attacks on its soil accompanied by terrorist attacks too.

In 2014 and 2015 India saw attacks and violence in the states of Assam (in May and December), Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Manipur ambush, Gurdaspur (Punjab).

In 2016-2019 India saw militants’ attacks more on its security and jawans ...  Starting from Pathankot attack - where heavily armed group attacked Pathankot Air Force Station, part of Western Air Command (IAF). Then Pampore attack (attack on CRPF convoy), Kokrajhar shooting (attack on civilians by National Democratic Front of Bodoland (suspected perpetrators)). Then India witnessed Uri attack which was reported as "the deadliest attack on security forces in Kashmir in two decades", followed by 2016 Baramulla attack - where the militants attacked a camp of the Indian Army (46 Rashtriya Rifiles) and Nagrota army base attack - where three militants dressed in Indian police uniforms attacked the Indian Army's 166 Field Regiment unit.

In 2017 Sukma attack (an ambush against the Indian paramilitary forces by the Naxalite - Maoist groups) then Bhopal - Ujjain Passenger train bombing (a terrorist attack), followed by Amarnath Yatra attack - killing civilian pilgrims.

Then in 2018 Sunjuwan attack - where the militants attacked an Indian Army Camp - the man described by the Indian Army as the mastermind of the attack was killed in an army operation afterwards. Sukma attack - A Naxalite attack on CRPF - the attack came almost eleven days after Indian security personnel killed 10 alleged Naxalites in the forests of Chhattisgarh.

And the 2019 Pulwama Atack - Attack on the convoy of CRPF by the militant group.

As earlier in this essay, I shared the thought relating to the continuous attacks on the citizen(s) of India and on India, what I meant was that -                          .... Well if one sees the attacks prior to 2015, one can certainly make out that there were attacks triggered by the militant groups in the core of city, where large number of people i.e. the citizens of India be killed & injured and thus creating a feeling of fear and terror of free and safe life among citizens and thereby pushing the country in dark.

But now imagine that when a militant group is attacking directly and continuously to one's armed and security forces, and thereby challenging the solidarity of citizens of India and their unifications despite of religious hates and caste based diversification, it should not be considered as a terrorist attack but a war against the country as attacking the country's security agencies and armed forces is a direct attack done to the country's integrity and one must remember and realize this fact that the country's integrity and pride is supreme.

Now by this, I am not suggesting (as many citizens of the country is demanding) to go for a war; as one must realize the current situation and act accordingly. There is a rigid pellucid dichotomy between a battle and war. Yes, we (the so called citizens of India) and the government must and should not end the battle rather the battle against these militants should be fought with more robustness and in a more fashioned way (i.e. strategically). Going in a warfare (right now), is not a solution as going for a war, does not mean only attacking and ambushing the enemy state, by guns and bullets. When a country open's up for a war it should be prepared in every field especially - economically and alliances with other nations (i.e. allies in true spirits), which in current situation India lacks as the report shows that most countries condemns the terrorist attacks on Indian territory but none said to wage war against the country, who is indeed proliferating and mushrooming the talents in the field of militancy, for the sole purpose of terrorist attacks.

Now as the title goes .... A HELP IS DIFFERENT FROM SOLUTION.

Well a march with a candle, sharing slogans and pictures of march and procuring funds for the families of the Shaheed jawans, is just a help and not a proper solution. Nonetheless a helping hand is always the best in the meet out situations, but is it a final solution for ones life ? .... NO.

So rather than asking the government to go on a warfare, as a citizen we should ask the government -

The first and foremost question to the government should be how such militant groups are able to accumulate arms and explosive to such immense quantity and why we are still unable to detect and sequestrate the arms and ammunition and explosives which are only meant for our country’s destruction and in taking the lives of members of our families.

Moreover, why such continuous acts are happening and why still the families of jawans needs such kind of help. And how to provide more safeguards to the jawans who are often open to such encounters. Further why only to take away the status of most favored nation from such countries and not ending the trade with respect to supplying of power and fuel and other things.

We should further ask the government to direct all the political parties to cut their election and advertisement budgets and rather using them for political rallies throughout the year, they should provide a better and permanent solution to the families of our soldiers/jawans by providing them a better livelihood, free education to their children up to graduation in a every school and college (not reservation but no fee of any kind) and a career (i.e. job) or a business to the widows (I guess there is facility of starting a business to the family (widows) though there are not in proper implementation), so that they could stand on their own and be proud and feel safe as far as day to day expenses are concerned.

And what to say about the patriotism; one can see that now patriotism is only constrained to the word rests in the dictionary and popularly used to ballyhoo self-act than of being an altruistic. So as a society and being citizen of India we should not propagate religious and caste based hatred among ourselves. Difference of view and skepticism is and should be always be dealt with open mind and with a warm heart rather indulging the whole nation in to the fire of the never ending hatred and endless blood-shed.