Yet another new scandal on BJP’s election campaign strategy- NaMo TV

Apr 5, 2019, 3:27 pm, by: Editor_@moGossipApp

As the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are approaching, every day new strategies for the election campaign are coming to the forefront. It is the election campaign tool for the ruling party, BJP, where the 24-hour online channel NaMo TV runs by borrowing Prima Minister Narendra Modi’s name for his fame and popularity, showing every aspect of his daily life that is spent in public view.

In the recent few days, it is seen that scandals against this particular news channel keep on coming up in front of the public. In fact, all the opposition parties are clearly making their case that NaMo TV is nothing but an act of foul play and that all the money spent here is nothing but a mere strategy of the election campaign by the BJP. In fact, the ruling party of Delhi, AAP files a complaint against NaMo TV with the election commissioner on the grounds that it violates the model code of conduct for the upcoming elections. A number of questions have been raised by Kejriwal such as- “Who is responsible for monitoring all the content that is being telecast?” or whether the content and budget received approval by the Media certification committee and so on. The mystery on the funding of the channel has still not been unraveled. In fact, recent government sources also say that NaMo TV “does not need to go on”.

That is not all, it has recently been discovered that the original promoter of NaMo TV, Sujay Mehta from a Gujarat based company called New Hope Infotainment, has clearly denied running any content on PM Modi anymore. In fact, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting does not have New Hope Infotainment on their list of companies running satellite television channels in India. Not only this, but NaMo TV also does not make it to the list of the authorized and licensed satellite television channels. In fact, there is a link to NaMo TV on Narendra Modi’s official application, the developer of which remains shrouded in mystery till date whereas the address in the application information is shown to be BJP’s headquarters, Delhi’s Deen Dayal Upadhyay Marg. Recently, the EC has sought for a report to the Information & Broadcasting ministry regarding the entire matter.

However, the mystery regarding NaMo TV persists as of now as no such information has come to the forefront and on this the ruling GOI and its spokesperson have no time to either call for a Press Conference and clarify nor our 24/7 election mode driven PM has time to comment and its being very smartly sidelined by the regular  BJP strategy of twisting and turning each action , event of the Congress an Gandhi's ..and ensuring people are kept busy with the same with all media houses being run as their voice as goes by the reporting and anchoring being done across channels... barring a select of the lines of NDTV... .and so all the gossip around NaMO TV remains gossip...