World-renowned economist Prof. Jean Dreze put behind bars for holding a public meeting without permission

Apr 1, 2019, 6:14 pm, by: Editor_@moGossipApp

Prof. Jean Dreze is one of the world’s greatest Economists, who has dedicated his life to social equality for both India and other countries. His contribution to the growth and development of society has been phenomenal. He has done immense social work for improving the economic situation of India and helped in drafting a wide range of public policies in the interest of the common man. Most of his research work has been based on rural development, exterminating social inequality, providing elementary education to children, and much more.

Nobel Laurette Jean Dreze has been mainly recognized for his voluntary simplicity, living among the underprivileged to realize their situation and experience it in order to bring about a major change. With his quantitative and qualitative work, he has analyzed the different aspects of poverty through everyday life. It is also known that this Belgian born economist has taken up Indian citizenship for continuing his work living in rural areas. However, this has not proven good for him in the long run.

The latest buzz is that this great man, who played a major role in drafting the MNREGA act, has been detained by the Jharkhand police, about 40 km outside of Garhwa district, at Bishnupur police station on March 28th, along with his companion activist Vivek Kumar and another friend. He has been accused of holding a public meeting without prior notice or permission from the district authorities. The main intention behind holding the meeting was discussing ‘Right to Food’. The current government policies and present sufferings of the people were also a part of the discussion. However, the activist was released later during the day after some inquiry by the local authorities and supplying personal information and bonds. In fact, the shameful incident has also been condemned by members of the Congress party and created an outrage among other influential leaders as well. The great man has been responsible for developing policies on food security, healthcare and children rights. His arrest for holding a peaceful discussion is a big black mark against democracy.

We salute Prof. Jean Dreze who has dedicated his life for uplifting the poor, and wish that more people and leaders support him!