International Women’s Day 2019: A Day to Celebrate & Give a Serious Thought Too!

Mar 8, 2019, 4:48 pm, by: Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72

International Women’s Day – The time of the year when women – across the globe are celebrated and cherished for being themselves. No matter, she is a wife, daughter, friend, sister, and mother, a woman does her part throughout. At this International Women’s Day 2019, it is a moment of proud that in the country like ours – where women have struggled for ages, to attain their rights, the picture is finally changing.

When considering the present situation of women in India, girl power has broken the barriers in the space of professional front. With the times changing extensively, the empowerment is rising in both personal and professional facet. International Women’s Day is being actively celebrated and has marked its space into the corporate culture. Now, the country is witnessing several women on the top management positions. The progression has also been made into education sector as well. Apart from urban area, the rural areas have become aware of the importance of girl education. As a result, more of the IAS, IPS, etc. toppers are emerging from the village background.

Although, the advancement is spreading at a speedy pace, however, there are certain issues which women still face. No matter if a lady or a child belongs to metros or rural areas, she finds herself at a risk of harassment. Irrespective of the development in girl education or several other sectors, the safety has been a prevailing issue. The increase in the rate of rapes has shaken women to their roots. At this international women’s day, it is time where women – especially those who feel pressure in speaking their hearts out – spread their wings and set themselves free to respond every negativity they encounter. Oh wait – there’s another good news – Very few of us are aware of the fact that - The Reel and Real Life Khiladi, Akshay Kumar – owns his private venture which train females in Martial Arts and Karate.

In the time where Indian women are touching the skies, there are certain moments which are embracing movements like MeToo. However, there’s one thing common – The women are standing for their voice and fighting with utmost passion.