Kangana takes on the Bollywood once again for its apathy towards ‘Manikarnika’

Feb 12, 2019, 4:24 pm, by: Editor_@moGossipApp

Kangana Ranaut has become the queen of controversy. This time, it was about Manikarnika vs Bollywood. Since Day 1, Manikarnika was surrounded with controversies. From Sonu Sood exiting the film to Krish leaving the direction due to his tussle with Kangana, the movie has faced some serious complexities. Added to it, there was another actor Mishti Chakravarty who made revelations against Kangana and stated that she wanted to outshine throughout the movie and had tried to cut off the roles of other actors. Manikarnika didn’t receive any relevant support from the B-Town.


In a recent interview with media sources, Kangana Ranaut finally responded to the entire Manikarnika Controversies till date. She began with the responding to the statements by both Krish and Mishti by stating – ‘Their names are known today because of the film. Had you ever heard of them before? Even after that if they can’t show their gratitude, that’s on them. Moreover, when someone is successful, there are always people who get jealous. That’s just human nature’. Further, she talked about Bollywood coming together to get her down which is similar to that of bullying. Kangana stated, ‘These people should be ashamed of themselves. Some of them are my grandfather’s age. I have called them out on their misdeeds like nepotism, sexism and pay parity in the past. But, now I will get after their lives and unleash my wrath on them. I’ll expose each and every one of them. Bollywood has called for trouble by ganging up on me’.

The actress did not receive any support from Bollywood and that on screening, there were few who appeared to appreciate her hard work. Reportedly, Kangana did not spare those and said – ‘I have won multiple National Film Awards, so I don’t need them to promote me or my film. Having said that, was Rani of Jhansi my aunt? She belongs to every Indian, all 130 crores of us, including the Bollywood stars. So, why are these people so scared? Is it because I spoke about Nepotism?’

Alia Bhatt stated, ‘I hope she doesn’t dislike me and I don’t think she dislikes me.’ According to the reports, Manikarnika Actress called Alia Bhatt, a puppet of Karan Johar and suggested her to get some spine.   Well, Kangana may remain surrounded by controversy, but her movie Manikarnika is doing very well and has already crossed the 100-crore club!

The surprise  statement by Tanushree Dutta  on this entire 'Manikarnika' and "Kangana" during gossip, during the weekend,  is surely a big slap on the 'BIG Boys Club' attitude of Bollywood.