75-year old Bangalore woman uses Solar Energy to Grill Corns: Social Media virality for some GOOD too !

Feb 8, 2019, 6:10 pm, by: Editor_@moGossipApp

In the time, where everyone is talking about saving the environment, a very few are standing out loud to preserve it. According to the reports, next 100 years might witness adverse environmental conditions, if actions do not start from the moment itself. There are various organizations who are working towards the same cause. However, in the past few weeks, there’s a woman named– Selvamma - who has become a social media sensation by using solar energy to grill corns.

This 75-year-old woman has been selling roasted corns, from almost 20 years now. Her cart resides right outside the Bengaluru Vidhana Soudha. Earlier the lady used to use the traditional method for roasting corns by the use of coal and a fan. However, in the recent time, SELCO – a foundation which works towards sustainability of the natural energy, offered Selvamma with a Solar Fan. This fan is powered with the solar energy, comprising of lithium-ion battery and grills corn exceptionally well.  In an interview, Selvamma expressed her heartfelt gratitude to SELCO for providing her with such a unique fan. Adding further, she stated that it finally saves a lot of time and that she is much more relaxed now. Earlier, her hands used to hurt, but now, she is happy with such an upgrade.

Not only are the locals amused with such an advanced level of grilling corns, but also, social media has made the lady a sensation. Once Selvamma went viral on social media and her videos spread across the individuals, she started receiving applauds for appreciation. In no time, the lady was a social media sensation. Not only Twitter, but Facebook and Instagram are flooding love for this outstanding lady standing tall to earn her living at this age. She resides in an NGO in Bengaluru.

After receiving an immense love from social media, now, she is receiving major footfall at her cart, which has led her business to witness a considerable windfall. The time is here when a need to save sustainable energy is forcing people to shift their preferences towards natural sources.

Kudos to Selvamma for doing such an exceptional work, and we hope more people shift towards sustainable energy.