Dadi Ki Rasoi - filling stomachs in Rs. 5

Feb 7, 2019, 2:34 pm, by: Editor_@moGossipApp

Hunger has been the toughest fight for millions, every single day. India is, unfortunately, blessed with an immense population of poor, who strive for food, clothes, and medicines. It is famously said by Mother Teresa– ‘We cannot do great things on this Earth, only small things with great love’ – exactly, and guess what – there’s a common man who is doing all good deeds for the poor. Anoop Khanna, a social activist based in Noida, runs Dadi Ki Rasoi  an initiative which feeds poor with the quality food at Rs. 5.

In the era, where everything is getting over-priced on a regular basis, this man is providing fresh quality food, prepared in Desi Ghee, at such a trifling rate. Although it might sound surprising, but it is true and that Dadi Ki Rasoi has gained immense popularity. One of the best thing about Dadi Ki Rasoi is that it is not only feeding the poor but also, people belonging to the service class, business class and so on. In an interview, Anoop Khanna confessed that it is his mother who came up with the idea of Dadi Ki Rasoi. He adds – ‘She was sitting at home with her family and was eating food when suddenly a thought swirled in her mind that why not serve food to poor people. It all started from there two and a half years ago. At first, food was prepared for 15-20 poor people at home and served from their only. Once people started joining in, some nearby shopkeepers supported us and encouraged to continue with the work. That’s when we bought big utensils, commercial gas, and stoves’.

He also recalled that the name – Dadi Ki Rasoi – was named by his daughter. The menu is all set and changes on a daily basis. Anoop Khanna was asked for why he does not serve poor for free, to which he responded that – they do not intend to play with the feelings of the poor and consider them as needy and beggars. They respect their dignity and so, provide them with the food at Rs. 5, which certainly is no big deal. Currently, Dadi Ki Rasoi is feeding more than 500 people every day. Not only does Anoop Khanna serve food, but also, offer clothes every 15 days to the needy for Rs. 10.  

Guess,  the world and especially India, needs many more Anoop Khannas’ for bringing humanity into prominence on the planet. Kudos to his work.