Is Congress’s 3 State Win a Threat for BJP in Lok Sabha Election?

Jan 10, 2019, 6:10 pm, by: Editor_ @moGossipApp

Lok Sabha Elections are one of the most awaited events of the year 2019. With the two major rivalries standing against each other, the Lok Sabha elections are creating a major buzz. As the elections are not very far now, the activities of both the significant parties i.e. BJP and Congress to power up their vote banks have begun. However, in the recent past, Congress winning the three major states of Central India- Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Chhattisgarh, has left the opposition under pressure.  

Congress, after winning the elections, have gained a massive volume of confidence. This turned out to be a major comeback for the party. It successfully waived off the dictatorship of Shivraj Singh Chauhan from Madhya Pradesh, after a gap of 15 years. On the other hand, Vasundhara had to step down from the position of CM in Rajasthan. Though, BJP was confident enough about winning in Chhattisgarh, but, the surprise was probably waiting for them in the form of results and not only for them probably for all others as well and even for Congress, if one were to say so. And at the end It was Congress who marked a hat-trick and a surprise one!

The recent results of the state elections have certainly raised the bar for Congress and got them back into some life and action. However, this has made BJP's super confidence and if one were to say arrogance a bit under shadow. According to the reports, right before the Lok Sabha elections, such a major win by Congress will have far fetched impact on the voters and the rest of the opposition, too. Widely debated , gossiped is that, one of the prime reasons behind the major loss of BJP was unemployment and another being  farmers suicides with increasing loan debts and systematically designed policies of complete apathy towards farming sector and farmers.

The competition between the two parties has tightened up. With Mr. Narendra Modi extending the strategies concerning the reservation for general category, Mr. Rahul Gandhi is all set for driving his rallies across the nation. Also, a major setback which Congress is said to possess, at the moment, is the loss of clarity, widely messaged by media. Now whether this a engineered agenda by the masters of media that is BJP, or a fact, only time can tell, till then all is gossip.  With the party confirming Mr. Rahul Gandhi as the President of the party, its making it clear that its PM candidates is Mr Raghul Gandhi, however at the same time the message comes that it will all depend on the on the final numbers, post election.

The gossip around the elections is on a all time high with just 100 days on the run. Who knows, we  all could be in for a big surprise by the results! Although,several confusions are pumped into the ecosystem everyday, it is not to be ignored that Congress is back with a bang and who knows, the Lok Sabha Elections result may come as a surprise to the nation, just, like what happened in the states, when astrologically also things are expected to come as a surprise and 360 degree shift!