Are the Internet Traffic Metrics really Fake?

Dec 31, 2018, 4:39 pm, by: Editor_ @moGossipApp

We’ve all been dependent to a great extent over internet metrics, generated by several websites. However, what if someday, there comes information which says – ‘Everything is Fake?’ – Well, keeping our hearts strong, we need to accept that this is true. With 2018 ending in a day’s time, a strong revelation has been made by Ex-Reddit CEO confronting that the internet metrics are either overstated or fictitious. Can you believe it? With this new piece of information, can we really trust the various internet traffic Metrics available?

What surprised us, even more, were the revelations made against the topmost social media platform i.e. Facebook. Metrics are required to be apt and that, they must be countable. Facebook which is the world’s largest data-gathering organisation, has made up with their web traffic metrics and presented us with fake analysis. For instance, overstatements were made by the organisation that the users time spent on watching videos were between 150 to 900 percent, while the actual figure was somewhere between 60 to 80 percent. Similarly, the organization admitted that they played across with the figures for a total reach of posts on the platform.

After going through such shocking exposures, can we really trust these sites? How can someone, now, trust on the web traffic metrics, when the organization itself are taking responsibilities of presenting fake figures? Pao – Ex CEO, Reddit, tweeted the statement ‘It’s all true: Everything is fake’. Further stating this, she came up with another scandalous disclosure which was concerned about the metrics associated with mobile users’ counts. She considered them as fake and explained how organizations are calculating the mobile counts. According to Pao, mobile users who have logged-out are still been counted.

Metrics are essential data which must be real. One cannot compromise or change the counts by themselves. But, unfortunately, as per the reports, everything has become fake and that these metrics have been transformed into businesses. The organizations are buying clicks for their videos which prove that nothing on the internet, today, is left real.

Maybe – Pao is absolutely correct – ‘Everything is Fake’