Gossip on the Assembly Election 2018 Results, are here to STAY

Dec 14, 2018, 2:07 pm, by: Editor_ @moGossipApp

With Congress almost touching majority mark in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and much ahead of the mark in Chhattisgarh whereas losing out in Mizoram and Telangana; the very humble and respectable address by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi on 11th December 2018 and few comments such as, yes we have fought BJP and would like to sweep the elections in 2019, but we would never like to have a mukt BJP or the closing remarks that one would like to thank all the current Chief Ministers of the state where we have won, for the work they have put in and we will now continue  and take it further. Few other, statements, such as it's a win of the party workers and that Congress will have to now work hard as the mandate given, entails responsibility, reflects what as a person and human being Rahul Gandhi is, not to forget that just a few days back the respectable PM of India had once again stooped to new lows by using the word “yeh vidhwa kahte ke dhan kis ke paas jata hai …”

The complete shadowing of the Congress Win by media channels except a few of them of the likes of NDTV, or the media silence on the   new RBI Governor appointee, signal very clearly what is happening to our institutions and if still the so called literate middle class will be busy with the slogans of mandir and masjid and will be ready to trade-off the declining culture of respecting and valuing the grace a position as coveted as PM of a country holds to the fake slogans on corruption mukt bharat etc. , it will be pity for India.

No one is sacrosanct and neither any party, but such sharp decline in the character and conduct of people sitting in positions of power and bureaucracy, the erosion of fundamental institutions, constitution of India and policies so blatantly overlooked and complete reckless way of managing a country with conduct behavior absolutely demeaning, it's important that the gossip on what we as India are choosing and have reached too critical.  It's not about Congress and Rahul Gandhi winning but it's more about, if not now then when. How long can a economy or a country and its people take complete reckless way of functioning.