Season of falling in love… to getting married !

Dec 1, 2018, 5:28 pm, by: Editor_ @moGossipApp

It seems to be a season of falling in love for sure and YES, taking it to the finale of getting married. Be it facebook, twitter, insta or the online media   platforms …all seem to be buzzing with the stories-videos, hovering around the marriages of celebrities, whether its Deepika and Ranveer or the current buzz on Priyanka and Nick and hopefully the gossip suggest that soon there’ll be a sudden announcement of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor, too, walking down the ˈaisle; not to forget the marriage at the Ambanis nest, which falls in to a completely different league. Amongst all this euphoria, there comes the news of our “drama queen’, Ms. Sawant, who also probably   decided to reap-in the benefits of all this current media madness and jumped on to the bandwagon, announcing her marriage too! Now, what's the truth behind all this, only time will tell, but good to see that the trail which started with Virat and Anushka of destination marriage is here to stay or before that very done in a very calm and quiet way by Aditya Chopra marrying Rani Mukherjee. Yes the frenzy of sharing video clippings and pictures on social media, to get more views, likes, hits on to the respective platform …leads to an important point, to gossip in all seriousness, on how justified it is to create an environment of euphoria by the media? Is the media justified in its role? And what kind of media and journalism –journalist, emerging from all this!

Falling in love and yes finally committing to one another, is for sure to be revered, celebrated and yes guys getting married may shout from the top of the seventh heaven…. but how much should it be made a subject of breaking news and headlines and pushed 24/7 in media is something we as a society and India, need to ponder upon, for sure! Its something which is surely important but not the “be all and end all” of ones life and surely not for the common man.

Balance and rationality is important and should be for all times an important benchmark to ensure sanity be it the lives of aam aadami or the life millionaires and biggies!