Time to relook, the apathy towards our Grandparents and Family, before it gets TOO LATE !

Oct 18, 2018, 5:25 pm, by: Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72

Ever wondered why our grandparents or our parents for that matter were /are much more happy and satisfied in spite of no houses and cars etc to flaunt a aristocratic lifestyle?  Guess, it was an era when money didn’t matter to such an extent and all parameters didn't end with money as the benchmark. Everyone just lived a simple life and respect was for certain values and principles and not just money as the barometer. Materialism and madness for money and wealth , was not just the only measure of success and happiness.  Times when the family and extended family members used to sit together have meals together and spent the evenings with each other over a cup of tea or lunch or dinner and that taught many traits such as how to mingle and accept people who may not be of your kind but it's important to have that flexibility within self, to live as society and not like the present times where we hear, frequent episodes of killing, firing etc on a small tiff or disagreement ..the growing depression cases being reported ...and the list goes on…..

Everything existed in  a balanced way …elders, grandparents were revered and their presence was a blessings even if adjustments and minor cribbings and gossip took place due to generation gap etc.  We, today somewhere are missing the point that it's always important to balance and have good mix of modernity and traditionalism. Family -grandparents and parents, kith and kin  are just as important as family and social media network to keep one self rooted. Before it gets too late and we reach a point of regret of not having spent enough time with them; good to amend our ways and lifestyle.  The more we value and cherish their presence, blessings and take time out to hear their life experiences and at the same time share our present day technology driven changes and influences to everyday living, rather than be just ignorant or transactional in all our relationships; fear mental agony and unhappiness shall keep rising, no matter we become the most celebrated millionaire!

Cherish the times, the good old tales that are still left untouched, the selfless love, the no holds bar talk with them which can many a times, act as a soothing balm to many a frustrating moments in our lives…. and re-live the lost moments which sooner than later will become lost into the universe and then it will only regret and remorse!