Andhadhun, a complete “Paisa Vasool”

October 8, 2018 moGossip articles

Ayushmann Khurrana has never failed to impress anyone with his songs and his cute looks. And now he is up with a movie ‘Andhadhun’, released this Friday and has once again won the hearts of movie lovers. The box office collection as of now is 7.5cr as per media updates.

The gossip buzzing is how the movie has turned out to be a hit inspite of not do encouraging response to the movie on its very first day. However,  the second day of the movie made a huge jump and the word or mouth did the trick for the movie in getting such an overwhelming response, pan India. A lot of the movie success is courtesy social media where we have friends suggesting friends to go and watch the movie a mystery thriller;  ‘blind-man’ witnessing a murder and then is being inquired about it with Tabu, the lady who never misses a chance to mesmerize her fans, be it her acting skills or the quintessential looks! Ayushmann Khurrana, once again seems to have charmed with his acting, adding the much needed punch to director Sriram Raghavan's Andhadhun. The songs of the movies, especially ‘Woh Ladki’  seems to be the most sought after. This ‘Must watch’ movie has a plot twist in lots of suspense, keeping the audience on to the edge. After a long time, a movie which is gripping and hopefully a box office success without a "star", quotient in it.

Off , the other movies released this Friday;  Venom clocked 9.36cr whereas LoveYatri failed to impress, registering a collection of meager 3.90cr.

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