#MeToo uproar, back again!

October 5, 2018 by Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72 moGossip articles

The #MeToo Movement went viral in 2017 and we got to know many sexual assaults on the celebs as well as from our neighbours around. This movement gave a good backbone to all the women out there to speak what they felt like and not to feel ashamed of it. Not only women but men too became a part of this campaign.

We keep labelling and judging people with our set of minds. If a person is someone big or elder and does some charity sort of help then that person is good. But the bitter truth is that even the nicest people are a shame if taken a closer and a deeper look into their closets. By now you must have definitely guessed the gossip for today. Nana Patekar is turning out to be a ‘bad boy’. He had an intention to sexually assault Tanushree Dutta. Tanushree told the media that there were some steps in the song which were not there previously and were added spontaneously (if not purposely ). If she had known about it then she would have stepped back on her own. This was the recent case of  ‘Me Too’. This case has deeply affected and rattled her and it took her years to raise her voice. There are many whose voices were choked by big politicians and other powerful approaches and the matter was buried alive with pain to be felt for life.

Previously, these things were not given any importance as nobody had the guts nor the spunk to speak of what happened with them which was unacceptable on their part. There are many other voices still unheard and unsaid by people of remote areas and even the elite class as it might damage their reputation. And so the buzz which is important  to create is to all those who still are under this impression that people might not like you or may even talk behind your back, but you should speak up and have the perpetrator get punished for whatever sin or bad action he performed towards you. There are many people who do not support the victim but instead make fun of it as they have never faced such a crisis for themselves. So it is better to be “swachh”(clean) from your inner self before expecting “swacchta”(cleanliness) from your surroundings.

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