Life is just not about Rushing

Sep 14, 2018, 1:19 pm, by: Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72

Whether it is career or relationship or the daily mundane routine things of life; somewhere we have stopped to enjoy the ride but guess all are in a hurry to reach the desired goal ...the destination ...and in all this somewhere we all are forgetting to enjoy the unsaid moments of life. Relax and actually live life to the fullest, guess is a thing of the passe. it is said... it's all about the 'mad rush' in today's time and everything needs to be wrapped up ..achieved by the time we reach 34-40....

In this 'millennials age', we are running short of time and have made enough commitments in life to the people around us and many a times we end up making excuses and ultimately tend to disappoint people around us but it's more of a dissatisfaction creeping internally for all the facade we start keep weaving in.

It is indeed time to  gossip, if life is all about rushing into things and success -money etc.  In life, unlike a movie where everything wraps up in two hours, its important to sit back many a times, rather than ending up with hasty decisions, only to regret later. We, the digital addict freaks are so much lost  in world of web - social media , gadgets etc. that we forget to take out time for some 'me time'.

Even the wise men say that it is only the fool who rush into things, meaning that we need to think and meditate over things happening in our lives  and in an around us rather than going the insane route. The slogan “better late than n”, written on the roadside and on the back of trucks etc. is all to make us realize the importance of slowing down and reaching our destination with all ease? These one liners and messages have one meaning which is to reach our desired place a bit late rather than not reaching at all by fast and reckless driving however if taken in the context of leads to the same gyan ...that it is better to keep moving in our professional and personal lives with some ease rather than bursting by the time we are in our 40's.  

A simple yet deepinsight  for handling life better is to try not to make things unnecessarily complicated with commitments to self and others having a tall order or get into taking hasty decisions when you not in the best of minds ...extreme emotions of any kind be it being: happy, sad or angry is not the right time to take a call on anything or decide on anything. Mind stops thinking rationally and is overpowered by emotions and we are zoned out to just one level of emotion that is ruling us at that point of time be it good or bad. And so the mantra is to avoid any 'mad rush' be it any aspect as simple as driving on the road or as key as 'career' shift or in the personal zone …  

Be calm, be free and be sure!