Hey Millennials, get off, YOUR confusion boats!

Aug 29, 2018, 3:59 pm, by: Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72

Its an era of too many choices and options. Be it relationships or career choices or life in general; nowadays there are many options all through life and it's not that they have started existing from today, they were always there; it is just that they were probably not exercised to that extent, especially by the people from Venus!

When it comes to love relationship and it's all about commitment, we all tend to weigh and tread carefully, each taking his/her own sweet time. Ever wonder why does this happen?    Well reasons, may be different for different people and may not be right to generalize. However, we all want to make sure the genuineness of the love or fondness we have for a person.  A thought coming from the world of Mar's (Man's) is that,we need to take it easy on this sensitive issue too or else it leads to overthinking and ultimately chaos in mind, a nervous breakdown. Apologies, but this gossip is only for Girls/Women, as they are always in a over thinking mode and found to be in more trouble these days, and it is all because of "you boys (#LOL)", must admit, it's all on hearsay. Nevertheless, how can a piece of advice from your BIG Brother, be far off, girls!

Girls need to make themselves well aware of the guys they are with as friends, 'just friends' or as acquaintances  and understanding well what each relationship, means. Have you ever pondered, who are the "special ones", whom you should give priority and have clarity in your heads, all through your life span?  Time to get ready to choose the ones on the top of your list in each category say: a Crush, a Boyfriend, a Husband, a Soul-Mate, a Best friend (#bro) and an Ex (gulp).......very very important to sort this out and make your life less complicated.  Need to be very sure about these people and be very observant. This will help to ease you and live a sorted out life. Believe you, me, when I say that boys are carefree, they move on and go with the flow, but "WE the ladies ‘young ladies’ don’t. So we need to sort things up and move on from being complicated to being well sorted out and have our peace of mind, too.  The buzz these days is all about being in love and having a wonderful kick-ass life but as a matter of fact, such a life actually doesn’t exist, and we all live in a world of pretence and we know it, very well. So to get a bit of understanding and clarity in one's life, focus on the priority, have one from each form the list mentioned above so that you might just not cross the line as far as relationships are concerned and have worried and confused look on your pretty faces.  Likewise, be sorted out in your other areas of life too.