Love surpasses everything

Aug 21, 2018, 5:53 pm, by: Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72

And the two are finally Engaged. Yes, I’m talking about the talk of the national and international town Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Their photos and videos were posted on social media with words of appreciation and blessings. Friends from Bollywood were invited too and a grand ceremony took place according to ‘Hindu Riwaz’ in which Jonas family was a part. Who said that it is impossible to have to follow two religions and practice their rituals?

The trendsetter is now all set to inspire people with ‘her’ Love goals of following your heart and making things possible. It's not only her but Nick as well with full dedication is becoming a muse to all. We all are aware of the fact that Priyanka is 10 years elder to Nick Jonas and proving Shakespeare right that “age is just a number”, she has finally decided to move on and spend her life with Nick. She has created the buzz now, let us see how many of us actually follow it.

The gossip is that Priyanka has always been very ambitious and free-spirited and now an international star too so people thought that she will do something jaw-dropping and here it is. The social media and the youth are actually getting inspired by them and everyone is happy. But of course, there are some ‘small minds’ who, just sit back and criticize anything that comes into their knowledge. So there were criticisms like ‘Hollywood people tend to do this only’, ‘they marry and then remarry’, and then some were worse like ‘very easily they divorce’, ‘they are never serious and get bored of being together’. Well to such kind of statements,  would like to say, that everybody is not the same and when the couple and their respective families are OK and given a go their love and commitment and who the hell are others why to always curse people?

Hoping against hope that such love stories, may finally, bring the much desired change to the line  “log kya sochenge” in India. A message which comes very handy and important and is also a part of our spiritual path is : think less about the people, drive your life well and concentrate on your actions and deeds more ; its more beneficial and better for the universe at large...if each one is more concerned of his /her conduct and path journey than being influenced by the others….as each has his /her path and the so called 'log' are not bothered about you at all. We are great at giving advice to others but when it comes to oneself, the story changes. Remember, not everyone is Happy with your Success, nor everyone is Sad with you in your Failure.