Friendship in the “21st century”

August 10, 2018 by Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72 moGossip articles

Friends, buddies are a second family.  Friendship, was said to be the the second relationship, which we have after the family. No wonder Shakespeare wrote, “But if the while I think on thee, dear friend; all losses are restor ’d and sorrows end."

The physical human encasement undergoes an unpleasant transformation, but true friendship is eternal. We come across many people in our lives but it's not that everyone becomes a friend! We have our own comfort zone with everyone and bitter truth is that we do not gel with everyone so easily. It is absolutely fine, because we cannot indulge in having a forceful friendship with people. You have to be straightforward and apt in your decision of making friends otherwise it won't be a friendship it will only be a worldly bond where one is just trying to manage and maintain a fake relationship with each other.

Friendship these days (believe me when I say this) has categories. We have a ‘lot of variety of friends’ in this fast-moving evolving world, for example, we have nerd friends for some important work, friends with whom we can go out with, close friends, meme tagging friends, Facebook and Instagram friends, boozing friends, etc. Through the ages, friendship has also acquired new avataars as per the convenience of ‘we the people’.

That, once upon of time existing,  true and sacrificial friendship is a passe. Friendship is now motivated by the selfish needs. The craze and excitement which was once there; has reduced to celebrating ‘friendship days’ , sharing pictures and memes on social media, a 5 minutes date with a friend is not to be missed without sharing it on social media.  In fact, today all relationships have to be necesaarily celebrated for sure on social media and with all so connected; so much so that hardly anyone has the time to pic a call and speak. Yes sure we are too connected in passing messages from one group to another group and that is all what is the basis of ‘all relationship’ today!

Genuine friendship and intentions, transcends all barriers of culture, creed, caste religion and time barriers which use to make  it unique and special. A true friend may sit with us for hours without uttering even a single word, and yet the ‘spiritual and friendship’bond sustained and that is why even after not being  in connect for years and years, still when you made that one call or met by chance,it took hardly a second to establish that connect.

Time and adversity are the two testing tools of true friendship. A true friend stands firm, through thick and thin- a jewel never to be abandoned. Friendship is knowing that either side is always there like the brilliant sunshine after a dark and bleak night.

Friends are important, my friends. It is a sensitive and at the same bindass relationship, no holds bar kinda , which in today's time is failed to be understand in the babel of the world.

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