Emergency Blackout for media

August 4, 2018 by Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72 moGossip articles

Blackout on your TV screens from 9-10 pm for ABP News channel was no technical fault from TATA Sky, Airtel or Videocon, it is a guileful and a hateful act done purposely by Modi Sarkar for making everybody deprived of watching “Masterstroke”. Same was sometime back reported for PrimeTIme show ancored by Ravish Kumar NDTV…. a hideous fiddling was done with the satellite specifically at that time when the show ‘Master Stroke’ hosted by journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai was on the air, so much so that it became a topic for debate in Pariliament.

Man MPs including the likes of Derek O’Brien, raised his voice in the Parliament against Modi government for having done an obnoxious and deceitful act of Blackout.

The news buzz about journalist Punya Prasun Bajpai and the Managing Editor Milind Khandekar resigning from the channel ABP News have been on air. It is not only Mr Khandekar and Bajpai but also Abhisar Sharma the news anchor at ABP News who too is reported to have resigned (or suspended) and was even on leave for about 10-15 days. Its seems, Journalists are getting punished for solely doing their jobs. When it comes to the Truth we hardly see anyone supporting it, if at all some courageous people of the world support it, they get muted. This is the way how , governments and systems works and tackle anyone showing them the mirror. Everyone is shocked to see that two of the main members of ABP News have resigned, to stop the machiney from disclosing the True Acts of the regime in power ..in the current case its Modi Sarkar. This shows that Modi ji is now dealing in some real Politics apart from flying every now and then.

Rahul Gandhi tweets that PM Modi wants everyone to listen to ‘his voice’ and what he feels but the actual fact is that he wants ‘only his voice’ to be heard and thereafter get it accepted too.

The gossip is real pivotal this time because none of us have ever faced such an emergent blackout in media, ever! Is this how India is working? Are we to be the puppets of Modi sarkar and have no voice of our own? Do you really think that you voted for the correct PM? And after all of this so blatantly happenning and being reported from across sections , if till the popular view is that Áll is Well’and its just negative and frivilous oppositions desgins for the #election2019, the GOD BLESS ALL ….

Well, it is high time for all to observe and meditate on such issues which are suppressing the voice of our journalists and many other people on ground from all walk of life,  making them quit their jobs and what not!

If the ‘free-spirited’ journalists are being stopped from doing their work then what are ‘We’ going to do in this brutal

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