It’s Hot, Karenjit Kaur- The Biopic

Jul 28, 2018, 7:54 pm, by: @moGossipApp

The next buzzing big biopic after Sanju is Karenjit Kaur. It is something that has the courage and power of acceptance. “It’s Hot” is the song which totally suits Sunny Leone’s personality and is made for her Web Series. If you will listen to this song closely, it actually tells us to live our life the way we want to live and do not give a damn to what people say. It’s Hot, is a small song with powerful lyrics and catchy music. It has been composed by Tallz, sung by Naquita D’Souza and starring Sunny Leone in it. It tells us about her life and the challenges faced by her grittily. Everyone was automatically driven to watch this biopic without any publicity or bulldozing.


Our very own Sunny Leone or should I say Karenjit Kaur has really made a great difference in the mindset of our living society. Aditya Datt has tried really hard in making people change their monotonous thinking. A change is absolutely needed and the common thinking and the stereotype should come to rest (its high time now). The Web series is trending these days and Karenjit Kaur Biopic has set the world on fire. People just can’t believe that how things were with Sunny. This latest Web series has been jaw-dropping for everyone who sees it. Karenjit Kaur is a human being whose transformation took place over the period of time and turned into a brand name Sunny Leone. We too have two sides to everything, even the small coin has. 
Bollywood Diva Sunny Leone is the most googled Star of India. Her story is worth the share and discussion as it has motivated and influenced people to raise their voice and set a good healthy pace in this Indian society. There are a lot of people who need to understand the meaning of professionalism and personal life and the hurdles faced by a person.

A person should definitely watch this epic web series starring Sunny Leone herself with her marvellous acting skill which is now depicted in a different manner to break the cliché of the people. The gossip regarding this is a never-ending process.