Book Review : '​Of ​S​affron ​Flags and Skullcaps' by Ziya Us Salam

July 9, 2018 moGossip articles

The book '​Of S​affron ​Flags and Skullcaps' by Ziya Us Salam, published by SAGE Publication is a 295 pages book,  available on publisher's online stores at Rs 495.The writer takes a dispassionate look at how majority communalism is sought to be passed off as nationalism; how the new notions of nationalism are removed from the principles of our constitution. The book speaks of both hindu and muslim bodies which are essentially exclusionary in nature. The writer finally, winds up on a note of hope with attention to those for whom india is a diverse country with its contradictions but a common soul that acts as a binding force and the message that : Unity, not uniformity, is the guiding light.

With this book, the write, Ziya Us Salam seeks to expose the shallowness of hindutva votaries and also of many muslim bodies. It expresses the sentiments of all Indians brought up on pluralist ways of living. The idea of India has to be saved, and there are many Indians doing their bit.

Book Review by few leading personalities :

Mani Shankar Aiyar,

Author of Confessions of a Secular Fundamentalist

"This is a searing exposé of the violence, hatred and narrow communal prejudices that are integral to the Hindutva DNA…. A balanced account with a wise ending, I would highly commend the book to general and specialist readers.



Aditya Mukherjee,

Professor of Contemporary History, Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

This book is a must-read for every Indian. It brings out the frightening growth of religious communalism in India, which threatens to tear apart the delicate fabric woven by the Indian people over the centuries. Yet the author is optimistic that what will endure is this very practice of the Indian people living together for centuries evolving a syncretic, plural, multi-cultural society which our nation builders tried to promote as the ‘idea of India’.



Dilip Hiro,

Author of Indians in a Globalizing World: Their Skewed Rise

A thorough, multi-faceted and clear-eyed historical account of relations between Hindus and Muslims of the Indian subcontinent: Ziya Us Salam has produced a much needed up-to-date analytical narrative which, rightly, warns against the rise of majoritarian Hindutva under the garb of nationalism. A timely book to inspire all those who uphold India’s traditional unity in diversity.

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