Zubaan, the film on 'Witness Protection', after International National Recognition goes viral...

July 7, 2018 by Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72 moGossip articles

The much acclaimed short film:  Zubaan, after much critical acclaim at various prestigious film festivals, gets released worldwide on 2nd July 2018 on Gemplex.The film produced by  'Pinaka Mediaworks' and 'Rolling Frames Entertainment'; written and directed by Ojaswwee Sharma and featuring the celebrated television face Kanwalpreet Singh,  gets a thumping response by the audience, too.

The movie revolves round the mute shop owner (role essayed by actor KanwalPreet Singh), who accidentally witnesses a murder and henceforth the tussle between the worldly reality and his inner conscious of whether he goes forth, reporting the crime or keeps to himself and safeguards himself off the mess; all his near ones suggesting the same, highlighting the fact that there is no clear witness protection policy in place in India, on the same.

The Director -Actor duo of  Ojaswwee Sharma and KanwalPreet Singh come together, showcasing the magic of emotions, is a MUST WATCH for the audience after having received critical acclaim and recognition in national and international film festivals.


The actor, Kanwalpreet Sigh in a statements said, "Zubaan has been a very special film from day one to the release and even post release. As it was very hard for my director to convince me for the kind of character I have done, it is totally opposite my personality. So our faith on each other created magic! His faith on me made me do more than I had thought."

Ojaswwee Sharma, the Writer and Director of Zubaan shared his view:

"The intention has and had always been to make a film that speaks for itself. I am fortunate that things finally happened and the way Zubaan traveled do much to prestigious festivals. Now it is the film of he audience and the viewers and only they can take it further. I am proud of my team and the people who have been with me and believed from day one! Awards are overwhelming, but the acknowledgement and appreciation that has been pouring in from the viewers cannot match anything in the world at the moment!

Give it a watch."

Max 150 Characters


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