“Phubbing”, the new term for a mannerism, socially uncalled for!

May 25, 2018, 11:30 am, by: Shivani Srivastava _ @Shivani72

“Newness“ is the craze, if one can be permitted to say so and “phubbing” is the most recent trending example of the same. Like many other views and ideas, this will soon, be too, on the way to becoming an industry, just as today blogging, youtubers or short films is the name of the game, if we talk about the most abused word of the present time viz ‘digital marketing’.

With the newly coined word ‘phubbing’, already being written and talked about on news portals and blogs etc. and a book by James A. Roberts Too Much of a Good Thing: Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?, on the word, already in the market; we need to just wait and watch, as soon enough a movie will be in the making with creative and business heads aligning together to work out innovatively designed promos and business plans etc. to en-cash the same. Ideas and concepts will be researched and analyzed and policies rolled out to tell you, that “phubbing” is the next in thing to focus on as far as ‘mobile or digital marketing is concerned!

“Phubbing”, may have psychological reasons such as fear, insecurity, stresses, complexes etc. etc. as in simple words its all about being busy with your cell phone, while being in the company of people. By no means it can be termed as normal but in todays context, its very much normal; and rather abnormal is, if one is not fidgeting with his / her cell phone for a long duration.  

Researches and study may reveal psychological reasons for “phubbing“ behavior: kind of boredom or depression, a reason for such conduct or lack of confidence or an approach /attitude of avoidance, being the reason behind such conduct. Whatever be the case for this abnormal or rather ‘normal’ behavior; there will soon be emergence of “phubbing treatment clinics”, “himalayan transcendental clinics” etc. and many more ….to address, if at all the need is felt; till then watch out for the unfolding of the newly coined noun “phubbing”, another case of old wine in new bottles just like co working space is another name of the age old business centers or startup the new name for business of the 90’s starting our of business center and garages from ones own money rather than on raised capital …and the list can go on…..