Karnataka Elections Verdict – Is this END OF the GAME for Indian National Congress?

May 15, 2018 moGossip articles

Trending news today, the Karnataka Elections verdict and the daylong gossip around the same.

The praiseworthy analysis-judgments on how the strategies and leadership of those who won viz BJP were so apt. How its key strategists and leadership stand so tall that it is getting difficult by  the day to find any leaders in the India Political Ecosystem to match or overshadow the same.


Debates on how it’s high time the losers learn a lesson before being completely scraped from the political horizon of India for good. The immediate conclusions and the process of ridiculing; as it happens in any area via the medium of media: TV debates and online-offline articles and podcasts etc. with barrage of questions on leadership and campaigning tactics – capabilities of the losing party viz Indian National Congress; doubts on the future of India’s Opposition juggernaut.

However, often wonder if the moot point in all this chatter and gossip gets overshadowed. Is it not important to understand that if in spite of whispers of dissatisfaction and gross failures at various fronts coming in news; if still a certain ideology is winning; there is something more than what ‘meets the eye’?   Is there a message on the society, we the people? The choices, principles and priorities based on experience one wants to go with and have come into prominence. No point even touching on aspects like issues of EVMs etc., because that discussion is pointless.


The business of ridiculing the one who fails be it a celebrity, business person, sportsperson, politicians –and channelizing the energy in one direction; like in the today’s verdict the …flurry of articles and debates on 2019 Lok Sabah Election and the writing on the wall clearly indicating a BJP led government unless the opposition unifies and projects a leader tall enough to be acceptable by all and in the same breath statements that there is none in the current scenario…is like concluding and setting the tone clear and accepting that this the END GAME. Is this what the unfolding of events convey over the years and history ?

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