Anurakthi, world’s first 3D Sanskrit film with mainstream tadka of a song, love n romance..

May 4, 2018, 5:59 pm, by: Shivani Srivastava

Unbelievable, but yes true... finally we have a movie of 80 minutes from India, in worlds oldest language ‘Sanskrit’.  The movie has all key ingredients of mainstream hindi cinema viz. love and romance in its core along with the signature song of a mainstream Hindi cinema.  Worth every penny to talk and gossip on ‘Anurakthi’, starring Bollywood actor Vani Vashishth who plays the female lead. Directed by P.K. Asokan and produced by Mr Vijith Nambiar, the film, shot in Kerala is about the ancient Indian art Koodiyattom and revolves on the emotions of love romance misunderstandings and mistakes which occur in a life’s journey.

Courtesy: DD News


How a  Punjabi danseuse (Vani Vashishth) who arrives in Kerala to learn the ancient dance form Koodiyattam from Master (played by Padamsree Awarded Sri Sivan Nimboodri ), falls in love with the son of the master (essayed by actor Mr Srihari) , and then the story unfolds into a thread of misunderstandings, doubts and mistakes; that walk-into a relationship, with son  doubting the relationship between his father and the student.

The movie won special jury award for best regional film at the 5th Rajasthan International Film Festival (RIFF), Jaipur in 2018 and was screened at the 48th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), Goa in 2017. Made in ‘colloquial’ Sanskrit, the movie is planned for an all India release in Feb 2019 after traversing through many more national and international film festivals. 

Being the first 3D Sanskrit feature film to hit Indian Films circuit, its Director PK Asokan when asked as to what triggered him to make a new generation Sanskrit film with contemporary theme, said, “I wanted to create a history and by God's grace i have done that by directing world's first 3D Sanskrit movie”. When asked for commercial feasibility, audience response,  PK Asokan  said, “Anurakthi is going to be released worldwide commercially. There are many communities across Europe and US who prefer Sanskrit Language and are willing to support the Movie.  The movie is hopeful of a good audience in Europe, especially Germany where Sanskrit is part of curriculum. The film is also being submitted for the national film awards and has plans of releasing the song in 3D, soon.

The film lead Vani Vashishth said, “I am so blessed that my Director Mr PK Asokan and my Producer Mr Vijith Nambiar are God sent people to me as I feel that God chose me as the lead Actor in the worlds first 3D Sanskrit film. I wish our India to be on Swadeshi movement once again and forever.”

 Actress Vani Vashishth further said, 

“We all should Love, respect and give priority to our own culture. Why are we forgetting our own traditions and culture where-as people from different countries are trying to follow our Indian culture.”


 WHY we in India are running from our culture, tradition, practices an aping the WEST , whereas the WEST looking towards India is indeed a matter of serious gossip.