Nepotism Sucks...Here is Why

Apr 24, 2018, 11:31 am, by: moGossip articles

Oh boy. America has gone a bit haywire as of late. While the Presidency should not be run like a business, Mr. Trump is giving it a fair bash, and that means that there is nepotism to boot.

The rumor mill is swirling and each day we have new stories of Trump sticking people in positions simply because he owes them a favor as opposed to the person really being able to do a good job. You only have to look at the top ranking staff in the Presidency and half of them he is related to, and a half he has done some major business with in the past.

It is no secret that Trump was given everything that he wanted in life on a silver platter. He never had to earn anything. In fact, if rumors are true, if he had just sat on his inheritance rather than invested in the business, he would be a hell of a lot richer right now. He is a product of nepotism, and he seems to think that is how you get places in life.

Right now, his daughter is running some top foreign affair business in his administration. Her only talent is selling handbags. Yet, she is running the foreign affairs for what is meant to be one of the most powerful nations in the world (bet they won’t be after this!). Do you seriously think that she has the qualifications needed? Hint: no she does not. This is just Trump’s way of giving people a head start in their life.

The whole administration is littered with stuff like this. He is recruiting any person which gives him the tiniest bit of praise and who he can call friends. People are not being called into power just because they are good at what they do, it is all because of good old nepotism and the US is suffering from it.

If you want to look a bit closer to home here in India, then two HUGE stories have come out related to ‘it is who you know’ in recent days. You got the latest Karan Johar flick which seems to be pulling in actors who have no idea what they are doing beyond having had a famous name, and you have banking scandals galore where people are going to banks saying “I know so and so” and bam, getting a loan (and often not paying those loans back). It is absolutely crazy.

Why is this happening? It is because people don’t know any different or have lost the ability to judge, asses people beyond their network and linkages or want to avoid embarrassment on their leadership skills by looking at talent beyond their hedges. Perhaps, they all got into the positions they have based upon nepotism, and they are going to continue to toss out positions based on who they like.